Introducing the Designer's Challenge!

I'm pretty sure I have not been this excited in a long time, in fact, I'm wondering how I am even going to sleep for the next month! Why? The Designer's Challenge, of course! 


What, you haven't heard about this yet? Well, that's because it's been top secret- a special month long treat the designers have been planning just for you! Each day for the next month we will be featuring a new pattern release from the list of designers above, and not just any old pattern either. Every designer has agreed to make a pattern that is somehow outside their comfort zone, challenging for them in one way or another, or maybe just outside the box for them stylistically. How cool is that? I've been privileged to see some sneak peeks, and let me tell you, there are some great new patterns about to hit the market! 

Be sure to check back here every day for the latest new release along with a daily pattern giveaway. Then when we've wrapped up the series, one lucky winner will take home the entire collection of patterns from the Designer's Challenge!