Designer's Challenge - Monkeysbug Patterns

I'm dusting off this blog in honor of a project that I'm so grateful to be a part of. If you haven't already been following, The Designer's Challenge is a group of more than 20 pdf pattern designers who were given the task of coming up with a unique, new design. Our goal was to bring you something you've never seen before. With only a few days left in the challenge, I'm release my Mouse Manor Twirl Skirt!

When I was a kid, my sister and I received pillows that had fun little pockets for a little doll to play in. Using that pillow as my inspiration, I designed a little mouse (since not all girls like dolls) and a skirt with plenty of hiding places for the wee pal. My hope with this pattern is that it inspires creative playing for little ladies and mice alike.

There are nine pockets to choose from - a stocking/sock, mitten, hat, cottage, tulip, toadstool, heart, teacup,  and basket.

You can load up your skirt with plenty of pockets for a mouse adventure.

The tester for this pattern did an amazing job!

Some testers went a little wild with their fabric choices to make mittens especially cozy.

One amazing tester even designed her own stocking pocket for a festive skirt!

The Mouse Manor Twirl Skirt is on sale today.

 I'm so delighted to have gotten to challenge myself with such a great group of ladies! Check back for the remaining designers release dates. The challenge goes through December 17th!

Enter to win your copy below!