Designer's Challenge - Terra's Treasures

Hi I'm Terra from Terra's Treasures. Today is my day for this amazing designer's challenge. For me, this challenge was about creating something unique. And when it comes to pants, that can be a little hard to do. But I feel like I pulled that off, haha at least I tell myself that. One of the unique things about these pants is that they work for both boys and girls. I didn't necessarily have that in mind when I designed them, but I had some amazing testers who really looked outside of the box. 

These pants feature a flat front and elastic back. And the piping really adds a beautiful detail and isn't very hard to do. 

AND... to top it all off, there's even a knee length shorts option. 

However, I even had one tester make them even shorter, and they're adorable! 

Or you could dress them up and make some very classy pants!

And they're even cute on babies!

And to celebrate this really fun challenge, the Kensington Trousers will be on sale Friday and Saturday for $6.50! 

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