Featured Designer- Lisa from Funktional Threads


Hi everybody!

I am so pleased to have the opportunity to tell you a little more about today's featured designer, Lisa Williams from Funktional Threads. Although she is relatively new to the pattern scene, Lisa is no stranger to the boutique world. Her one of a kind works of art have been worn by hundreds of thrilled customers including myself. I kid you not, I have considered framing the hand appliquéd custom she made for my son as part of his room decor.

Lisa has long been drafting patterns to use for her customers, but finally caved in to pressure from her fans and friends. She began creating easy-to-sew and embellish patterns so that we can fulfill our creative vision and sew like rockstars too! Lisa's patterns are available in her Etsy shop. She is a premiere designer in the ever expanding genre of knits, but also excels at woven designs which are stunning without embellishment yet provide the perfect canvas for appliqué work.

Some of my personal favorite patterns have been the Zoe and Audrey skirts, the Lauren and Rachel dresses, and most recently the Leilani top, which I had the pleasure of testing and is scheduled for release soon. Lisa's signature is the way she always provides multiple options, so that the only limit is your imagination. My only warning is that her patterns are highly addictive, so watch out - you'll always be hungry for more! Whether your style is euro, Traditional, funky, modern or eclectic I promise these will become your "go to" patterns- they are certainly mine:) ~ Nicole Crean

Ever have one of those patterns that you absolutely cannot wait to sew? I do. It’s the Lauren dress by Funktional Threads. I love the countless ways to make it unique. It is really well written! The pictures and step-by-step directions make it seem like a piece of cake to sew up, even for a beginner like me. ~ Kari Steiger

This is the Grace Ruffle Dress pattern, from Funktional Threads. It is so sweet, and I love how it turned out. Best part-Loo loved it too. ~ Evelyn Griffin

Lisa of Funktional Threads is one of my absolute favorite pattern designers. Her patterns are unique and include many options making the pattern itself a great value. She also goes above and beyond if there is a step you don't understand or if you have any other questions regarding the patterns. ~ Kelly St. Gelais

My daughter just loves her Leilani Flounce Top. The top is still in testing, but this is already her 2nd one and she is insisting on having a third. It's super comfy and fits great - and helps me use up all those old t-shirts I have by the heaps. The best thing though, has to be all the options - my favorite feature about Lisa's patterns! ~ Amanda Simon

I must admit that I am a brand spanking new fan of Funktional Threads. I had the opportunity to test the Christina Patchwork Skirt and fell in love when I saw it's fluffy-ruffly sweetness on my baby girl. Lisa is not only a great designer who gives loads of versatility within her patterns - but also a designer who truly listens to the feedback of her testers and customers. I may only own three of her patterns so far, but I know that I will be sewing these (and hopefully many more) for years to come! ~ Suzanne Winter blogs at Winter Wonderings...

The Rachel Upcycle pattern was one the first patterns that I really understood how to deal with knit properly! The pattern is wonderfully written at the beginner level. After only a few times of making it you will be feeling like an expert!! I’ve made so many of them now I’ve lost count! The pattern is simple enough I can make a dress in a matter of a couple of hours, start to finish! Love it, it’s by far my favorite pattern right now! ~ Nicole Cantwell

I have completed two of Funktional threads patterns. I love them both! The best part about them is that there are so many different options that you can make from these patterns. The instructions are explained in great detail and the accompanying pictures are very helpful. My favorite is all the hints that the designer gives. They are so helpful and I learned new and easier ways to do things. These patterns are perfect for any skill level! ~ Jennifer Zegowitz

I am an avid pattern buyer and Funktional Threads has amazing patterns. I have seen behind the scenes a little pattern testing from her and let me tell you she leaves no stone un-turned. All of her patterns are very well written, easy to follow,and dont have those confusing moments where you are trying to decide exactly what it is the pattern writer means for you to do! I would recommend any of her patterns in a heart beat and I have many on my list todo and have done list! ~ Amy Schwartzkopf