Aspiring Designer- The Plucky Butterfly

Hello, my name is Pam. I am the designer behind the Plucky Butterfly Designs. I am a mother to 4 boys and 1 girl. God blessed us with a special angel in our lives. He is the most precious gift of life. One that even at 16 years old depends solely upon his mom and dad to speak for him, fight for him and care for him. It is challenging and often difficult, but I wouldn't change anything he has given and taught me in my life. Through him, he has changed me for the better. I began my sewing adventure because of him and his needs and it blossomed from there. Amazing how our children give us so much out of life. I am known as Ms. Plucky, Ms. She Sews Unusual, Ms. Goofy and even Ms. Bubbles. All those names truly do describe me to a T. I love having fun, goofing around, telling jokes, being comical and making others laugh. 
That is me with my special angel and little girl. The two that inspire me to sew and create. My daughter comes up with awesome ideas and she truly is the reason why I sew so unusual. Through my son, I met another mom whom wanted something special and unique for her daughter. That is where the Surround Me With Love Twirl skirt came from. She asked if I could make her daughter something that she could “feel” the love. Her daughter is Autistic, Blind and Deaf. After I shared that design, my friends pushed me for a pattern. The Plucky Butterfly Designs launched it's first ever pattern in February of this year with the release of the Surround Me With Love Twirl Skirt. So that's a little about me and how the Plucky Butterfly Designs came to be. Let me go grab my cup of coffee and bring on the fun part. 
Earlier this month we introduced the Rissa Roo's Pixie Halter Summer top.  She was a great hit due to her unique style.   All the up-cycle mama's just loved her.  They wanted more!!

 Today we are releasing another Rissa Roo Pixie Style.  This design came solely from my daughter.  She wanted a shirt that resembled a butterfly. When you lay the halter down, it does take the shape of a butterfly and looks as if it may flutter away. Mission accomplised!!  So when our customers began requesting another version, we just had to listen.  We understand that for some, halter tops just are not appropriate for little girls, we respect that.  So we wanted to offer her in a tank top as well.  Welcome Rissa Roo's Pixie Summer Tank Top.

We also included instructions for tied shoulder straps.  Some prefer the tied shoulder straps over the tank top style, so we wanted to offer that option to you as well.

We are releasing the day before Memorial Day. We honor all whom have served and protected our country. For those whom have loved and lost one whom served or became disabled serving our country, we honor you. 

The Rissa Roo's Pixie Tank Top is made solely for knits. Cotton- Lycra is highly recommended, but can be accomplished with a lighter weight knit with good stretch and recovery. 


From sizes 2 to 14, she is set please every little and big girl too. 


Her unique style is ready to celebrate the summer time with beach activities.  With tied shoulder strap option.

She is great for outside play, adventures to the park, down on the farm and even classy enough for indoor celebrations.

This Rissa Roo's Pixie Tank Top is ready to celebrate and honor the men/women whom served and defended our Country with great pride. 
In honor of my own father whom lost his battle to cancer and served 30 years in the US Navy. The next 3 days from Sunday, May 25th (day Rissa Roo's Pixie Tank Top releases) till midnight of Tuesday, May 27th we are offering Rissa Roo's Pixie Tank Top for $5.57, no coupon needed for

craftsy, or our website

So come on and join us in the celebration of our newest addition to our Rissa Roo's Pixie line and get your PDF pattern for the Rissa Roo's Pixie Tank Top. Be creative, have fun, and step outside the box and combine her with your favorite pattern and make her a completely unique item.You just can't go wrong with this new design for your summer wardrode for precious little butterfly. 

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