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Hi, I'm Rachel the designer at Golden Rippy! I'm mom to 2 boys and 2 girls (the littlest one is 3 months old). They keep me on my toes and I keep them fed and clothed. We have a good arrangement. I love writing, gardening, cooking and dreaming up new patterns. Nice to meet you!


 The Delilah Top is the grown-up version of the Dahlia Top. It's a quick, easy sew and comes in sizes xxs to xl.


 The Delilah comes with two embellishment options. A big ol' bow on your shoulder, or some fun blossoms on your chest. We want to draw some attention. Wink wink. But I don't want my puppies to pop out of my neckline every time I have to bend over to wipe a nose, or pick up a toy that fell out of the stroller. Perfect for breastfeeding moms! It's nice and long and gives good coverage, especially when those puppies are obscenely big and don't fit into regular tops. You know what I'm talking about. Oh, and it's very forgiving with "the mommy tummy". I have a 3 month old baby and after 4 kids my abs have gone into hibernation. I don't need my tops to judge me. ;) It also has two sleeve options with a short sleeve or half sleeve. Perfect for the summer and transitional days. Designed like a dolman or kimono sleeve, you don't have to cut it out separately or set in the sleeves, it's already attached! The Delilah is your go-to top to lounge around in, do your Netflix binge watching, take a nap and then suddenly remember you still have to feed that family of yours. Look cute and pulled together, whether you feel like it or not. Who says fashion can't be comfy too? You can check out extra pictures and the blossom version on my blog. Can't wait? Get your pattern at Want to join the fun? You can find me on
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