Aspiring Designer: Filles A Maman

I am so excited to be a part of the designer's challenge, again! The first time it was for my Agathe and Theo pants, this was my first unisex pants patterns. You can see it here. As I always need to challenge myself, I've decided to make the Mimi dress in woman sizing. 

Phew! That wasn't an easy thing. I had to get back to my drawing books; I haven't designed and graded for women since a long time ago. But, I have to say, it's like riding a bicycle, you never lose it!

I made a couple of little mistakes, but my awesome group of testers bring me back to the right track. Thanks a lot ladies, I think that's a nice place here to say thank you, I do appreciate your work a lot.

As I was working on my Mimi for women and looked my Mimi for girls and find out that it needs to be improved a little bit. Yeah, I am like that, I'm never satisfied of my work....I am a little bit hard on myself, but in a certain sense that's good for you :) You can see here the Mimi for girls, I've redone all the instructions with illustrations and added the printing by layers option. By the way, if you already own this pattern, send me a proof of purchase and I'll send you the new one!

Ok, let's talk about the big Mimi. The pattern comes in sizes XS to XXL, that means that every bust from 32'' to 47.5'' should get dressed. You have many options, fringe, nice asymetrical peter pan collar, simple keyhole, dress or shirt length, long or short sleeves....phew! You can make one different for every day of the week. The pattern include a chart of the finished measurement and the wonderful printing option that you can print only the size that you want. Also, the instructions including how to lengthen or shorten a garment and a technical tip to how turn a strap without involving magic formula and bad words (that tip is very useful). 

Oh, and one last thing, Mimi, she is my mother. I love her so much <3 Thanks maman!

Here is a few testers pics from Louise, Monica, Annemieke and her best friend.

And  finally Shelly and Cathy in shirt version. They are all beautiful is not it?

And me...and my Mimi! 

And what is better than that? You can have Mimi for woman for only $4.99 until Monday the 24th Midnight EDT!  
Oh my, I'm running to the shop to buy one RIGHT NOW!

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