Aspiring Designer: Sofilantjes Patterns

Hi everyone!

I'm so happy to be here on the Pattern Revolution blog!

Some of you may already know me from my first pattern, the Summer Surprise dress and tunic. If not, let me introduce myself. My name is Annemieke and I design for Sofilantjes.

The name Sofilantjes comes from my son. He is our first born and like most other children, he created all these funny words when he learned to talk. One day he saw an elephant. The Dutch word for elephant is olifant. He said 'look mommy a Sofilant'. This word stayed with me and quickly became the name for my passion, designing children's patterns. So, in his honor I made my newest pattern...for boys!
Meet the Omni Tempore Boys shirt. This is a shirt every boy must have. It is fun, relaxed and cool! Depending on the print of the fabric he can wear this to any occasion.

 (This is my pretty little boy! size 5)

The pattern is designed for knit fabrics. It includes sizes 12 months to 14 years (80 to 164). There are imperial (inch) and metric (cm) charts and seam allowance is included. You also get a fabric chart and a chart with the finished measurements.

(size 3 length 4, by Kirsi)

I added the option to only print the size you need (Acrobat reader layered option) because I know a lot of you like that. Instructions are available in English or Dutch.

(size 2, by Alyssa)
 (size 5 and 12, by Rebeccah)

You can even make this shirt for your skinny son. The pattern explains you how to lengthen both sleeves and bodice to make the perfect shirt. 

(size 12 length 14, by Tania)

(size 12 months, by Nienke. So cute!)
One more plus, it is beginner friendly. Not only is it easy to make, it also takes you about an hour to create it (depending on your sewing skills).

 (size 14, by Essence)

(size 6, by Jennifer)

Did i say it was just for boys? As we all know, almost any boys pattern can become a girls pattern. Just use your imagination.

(size 2, by Tisha)

(size 2 upcycled men's shirt, instructions not included in the pattern. Made by Jennifer)

(size 2 and 6, by Alyssa)

Oh I almost forgot ;-) You can get your copy on sale (30%off) for three days only! Get your copy in my Craftsy or Etsy store. Price is already set to the SALE price. No code needed. More pictures of this shirt can be found on my Facebook page or my blog.

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Happy sewing!

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