Aspiring Designer: Serger Pepper

Hi there!

You can't believe how much I feel honored of being here... on Pattern Revolution... but: wait! Let's introduce myself: I'm MammaNene (a.k.a. Irene) and I usually blog at Serger Pepper about sewing, serger tips and tricks (maybe you've seen my Stitches 101 Cheat Sheet on Pinterest...), refashion and, obviously, PDF sewing patterns: stuff like that!

I'm an italian mom that works 9 to 5 (in a swimming pool... does it count as "work"?) and in her free-time (just kidding LOL) loves playing with scissors, serger, computer & printer... trying to translate in fabric all the design ideas wandering in her head!

I started sewing a long time ago, on my mother's kitchen table, using Burda magazines... and that grew in me a strong passion for designing sewing patterns more user-friendly than that old way of tracing my size (if I was able to a) see it b)follow it from A to Z).

I strongly believe that this "silent" Revolution will change the way we sew and this is why I'm here today for this August Aspiring Designer Challenge showing you my new sewing pattern (it's my fifth).

Everyday Tank: Top & Dresses

Serger Pepper - Everyday Tank: Top & Dresses - some testers options: lace, ruffles, maxi 

  Let me show you its features:
  • three length options: Top, midi dress, Maxi dress (actually, it's a 3-in-1 pattern!)
  • optional in-seam pockets (with detailed step-by-step tutorial)
  • stop wasting ink and paper: print size-by-size!
  • option for printing only pages you need (depending on your option and size)
As most of you, I love seeing all those ruffles, sashes and petticoats but, as a mom, I know that they can't have a place in my daughter's everyday outfit. What I aim to do with my sewing patterns line is create something you can wear every single day, basic elements you can combine and enrich with details as you like. They have great coverage, school approved, great for playing outside being cute!

Serger Pepper - Everyday Tank: Top & Dresses - some testers options: lace, ruffles, maxi
Left to right: Bethany (Wild Flower Child Boutique), Jonie (KnotSewNormal - see her blog post too!) and Alicia 

In my shop you can find other patterns that fit my vision: Basic Leggings, Big Girl Briefs (and you should wear this one every day, can't say I'm lying!) and many others will come in the future.

I have a great Crew of testers that really had fun creating more and more tops and dresses... and some are still sewing, they were hooked by this pattern: easy, fast to sew, with high customization potential: you can sew 100 #everydaytank and make them all different! The best part of this pattern is that is easy and fast to whip up: perfect for beginners! You can find my #everydaytank and all the other sewing patterns I've created here on my shop, on my Etsy shop or on Craftsy (where I share a lot of freebies too!)

Serger Pepper - Everyday Tank: Top & Dresses - some testers options: layered, maxy, tiny stripes and flowers
Left to right: Kate, Laura (Posh Fox Boutique) and Sarah

 Now, for the fun things ;) Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a copy of my Everyday Tank: Top & Dresses pattern. But, if you can't wait to start sewing it, you can buy it now using coupon code


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If you still aren't sure about having this one, see other tester's versions on Serger Pepper: they've made it in every possible way! Now... enter the giveaway below for a chance to win the #everydaytank: Top & Dresses pattern and... good luck a Rafflecopter giveaway