Aspiring Designers Giveaway Winners

Thank you to all those who followed along with the AD Challenge these past 2 weeks.  Today we would like to announce the winners of all the pattern giveaways.  You should have received an email in your Facebook email.  Makes sure to check and respond!

Winner Name
Jester Hat
Caroline Stedman
Cherry Blossom Dress
Anett Lozano
Ziggy Top
Gisela de Matos
Toadstool Tote
Elizabeth Payne
Mimi For Women
Stacey Clements
Omni Tempore
Caroline Stedman
Fiona Shorts
Axa Francis
Rival Raglan
Ashley Talbot
Henday Zip Up Hoodie
Laura Manning
April Showers Raincoat
Holly Tolman
Grace Top
April Bryant
Teeny Kini
Tootie Booras DeHof
Everyday Tank Top
Terri Audie
Final HUGE Giveaway
Jessica Barbara