Design My Pattern Contest

Do you have an idea for a pattern?

Do you want to see it brought to life?

Try the "Design My Pattern Contest".

If you would like to enter, please let us know. The link to submit entries is at the end of the post. Contestants must be age 18 or older.

Here are the guidelines for the "Design My Pattern" Contest:

1. Contestants are entering the contest for entertainment purposes only. The designer who chooses and drafts the final pattern will own that pattern. The winner gets a free copy of the final pattern.

2. Designers may ask for a particular item or type of item. (Girls' pants, women's top, etc) in a particular size range. Other designers will leave that open.

3. Sketches must be entrant's original work. No photos of other patterns will be accepted. No copyright items can be submitted. You will not be judged on your artwork. If you can "tell" better than you can "show", that's okay. Be as descriptive as possible.

4. Judges will choose finalists based on creativity, mass general appeal and the practicality of the design

5. The process may take 3 months or more.The pattern will need to be drafted and tested which can be time consuming.

6. Designers will donate some of their own patterns for a giveaway.

7. Entrants will join a FB group where they will be asked to sign an agreement before submitting any artwork or ideas.

8. The contest begins at 12:01 AM 1/19/2015. All submissions must be entered no later than 12:01 AM 2/02/2015. Times are EST.

Now where to enter!!  Join the Design My Pattern group on Facebook to enter your design idea!!