Designer's Challenge- Muffinhead Patterns

Hi everyone, I am excited to share the “Rich Girl” top pattern  with you today. First, I want to thank Pattern Revolution for offering me the opportunity to participate in the Designer’s Challenge. The designers who participate in the event are challenged to create a pattern that is outside of their comfort zone.

I am Frances from Muffin Head Patterns. My comfort zone is vintage inspired clothing with simple, clean lines. My fabric of choice is wovens. I like to create patterns that you can use as a canvas and modify as much as you like. This pattern is unlike my others because it’s intended for a much smaller and more specific audience. It is designed specifically for children who sit for most or all of their days or for children who need to be dressed by someone else.

Here’s a little of the back story. The “Rich Girl Top” was inspired by two different people. One was my mother who was a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. My mother earned countless accolades and held a number of prestigious positions during her long career. However, in spite all of the success, the one thing that meant the most to her was caring for special needs children and their families. My other inspiration was Richie, a family friend who lived with Spina Bifida and used a wheelchair. For me, the best way to honor their memories was to create the “Rich Girl Top”.

The challenge was to make the top conducive to easy dressing and yet have some style. It had to come down low enough in the back to cover the child’s bottom and yet short enough that the child was not sitting on extra fabric. I also wanted to avoid putting snaps where they might hit pressure points on the spine. The second part of the challenge was making the top long enough that it could be worn by children who do not use wheelchairs but still need assistance with dressing.

I would like to thank my testers for their help. They signed on to test even though they knew “Rich Girl” was intended for special needs and that their child might never actually wear the top. Most offered to donate their creations to children who can use them. Another tester stepped   forward to collect the tops and take them to a local facility that will be able to use them.

The “Rich Girl” top falls nicely in front and features a pretty, curved hem. It is cut a bit shorter at the back with a little vent at the sides to add comfort. There are snaps at the shoulders to keep the back closed.  It can be made in cotton prints for everyday wear and would work very well with my “Rock N Roll pants” that were released earlier this year. The top could be made in dressy fabrics and paired with a skirt (or the Rock N Roll Pants) for a fancier look. There are short or long sleeves. The long sleeve has an option for elasticized cuffs if desired.

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