Aspiring Designers Challenge: Boho Banjo Art to Wear

Pearl Red Moon and the Adeline Tunic

I’ve been a multi media and textile artist for 20 years but as a younger woman I trained to be a fashion industry pattern maker. Recently I updated my 30 year old patternmaking skills to the contemporary digital age which allowed me to marry my passion with commerce (art + product) As a full figured middle aged woman I’ve been frustrated in my search to find artistically styled clothes that were comfortable to wear and flattered my shape.  

I started the business “Boho Banjo art to wear”  based on my desire to offer a style of clothing that is loose, relatively unstructured and that moves on the body when worn. Clothing that is designed for comfort and practical ease of movement but still shows off the wearers individuality through innovative cut, embellishment, detailing, colour, pattern and design. My long term vision is also to add a range of textile designs and a small number of prints created by me have just become available.

The Adeline Tunic is the third pattern I’ve added to my inventory. I love the versatility of layered dressing and this tunic is great for all seasons. It can be made in lightweight natural fabric such as voile or handkerchief linen for hot weather or wovens and mid weight knits and worn over long sleeve tops for Winter.

Adeline is a round neck sleeveless tunic with 2 length options. The midi length falls almost to the knee and the maxi is an ankle length dress (on average height woman 162cm or 5” 7”) The hemline is irregular and falls to 2 handkerchief points at the front and back. The deep pleat at the centre front and centre back gives the garment fullness and swing. The armhole is deeply cut as the garment is intended to be worn over a singlet or long sleeve top.

The pattern has 16 pages of instructions with diagrams and pictures. It can printed as multiple page pdfs or in wide format at a copy shop (2x AO pages)

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I had a wonderful group of testers help to get the design and instructions perfected for publication. Heres some of their pictures along with a link to their blog or Facebook page where you can read their reviews of Adeline.

Robyn in Sydney, Australia

Alyssa in USA

Wilma in NewcastleAustralia

Essence in USA

Visit Pearls blog to find more information about her art and designs:
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