Pleated Skirt by Aivilo Charlotte

Today we have such great reviews of the newly released Aivilo Charlotte Pleated Skirt.  First we'll kick it off with a funky Halloween take - perfect for this time of year!  Then we'll show you a more classic take on the design.  With a size range of 6-12m through 14y, this pattern will work for all of the girls in your family for years to come. The Pleated Skirt is a wonderful pattern to play with fabrics and fill your daughter's wardrobe with skirts that wont look the same!  And you can get this skirt as the awesome discounted price of $5 today until Sunday (10/13) HERE.


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Pattern Review for

Aivilo Charlotte Designs Pleated Skirt

by Kara Orr at leighlee

I just love skirts!  My DD loves a good twirl in a skirt, so I was happy to try out the Pleated Skirt from Aivilo Charlotte Designs.  I love that the tagline for Aivilo Charlotte is "frustration free sewing patterns", now that is my kind of sewing.  If you haven't seen the designs, I love the Drawstring Tote Bag also!

Since fall is here and halloween is just around the corner, I made a halloween themed skirt to wear to school.  I think it turned out really cute and I can see this skirt going to school, church, and the pumpkin patch in a couple of weeks.

The pattern has rectangular cuts so there are no pattern pieces, just dimensions and instructions.  That is not a problem for me, I would much rather measure than print out 50 pages.  The great thing is that all the pleats are the same size, so I just measured one and used it for the template for the rest of the skirt pieces.  I know, genius!

The pattern is written in such a way that it can be totally customized for your DD.  I was able to use the waist measurement and then decide how long I wanted the skirt, so from there I was able to make exactly what I wanted.  My DD is a short little one for her age so her skirts are usually to her shin, not so today.  Perfect fit!  There are finished measurements in the pattern that makes it super simple to mix and match your size to a custom fit.

Sewing up this skirt was super fast and I was able to complete it in a couple of hours.  I didn't have many distractions so it was super fast for me!  That doesn't happen very often!

You can add some extras that I did not add to my skirt.  You can add piping to the drop waist that adds a super cute look.  I also thought a band around the bottom of the pleats might be super cute.

The fabric you use can totally transform this skirt.  It can be the sweet church skirt with soft beautiful colors, or the funky school skirt with bright and bold colors.  I think it would even be cute with the pleats all in the same fabric and the drop waist a contrasting fabric.  Oh the possibilities!


Hi all, my name is Nicole and I am the owner/designer of K & A Couture. I'm a full time working mom of three and run a little boutique in my free time!! Today I'm here to tell you about this adorable little skirt by Aivilo Charolette Designs!

This skirt is super cute and a fast sew!! I'm a self taught seamstress so any time I find a pattern that has new ways of doing something I eat it up! This skirt the waistband construction was not at all what I was picturing in my head from looking at the pictures. I'm sure we (fellow sewers) all do this at some point, look at items in pictures or in person and try to figure out the construction of it in your head? You don't do that? Oh, Ok well I may be alone in that but I do it constantly, I mean I'll have my daughters friends over and tell them "Hey come here I wanna see your shirt" haha yes I'm that weird Mom. Anyways back to the skirt!

I absolutely love piping and the detail of it used in this skirt is simply perfect!!

One of the first things in the tutorial the Designer says to make sure your seam allowances are not off, and I have to say from my own experience with this skirt DEFINITELY make sure your seam allowances are not off....HAHA I had to go back and fix a few of my seams in the pleats so that my waistband would fit correctly. Totally my fault for trying to go to quickly! 

The skirt is a fast sew (just make sure you don't go too fast you mess up your seam allowances!) and an easy to follow tutorial.  I'd say because of the piping, it's probably beginner plus; but the tutorial tells you exactly how to do the piping so if you're a beginner who is looking to tackle new things this pattern is perfect for you!

My daughter wore the skirt to school yesterday and she got a ton of compliments on it! So I would say it's definitely second grader approved! She's already asked for another one in different fabrics, as well as requesting one for her little friend's birthday party present!! HA, Good thing it's a quick sew!!