Four Season Dress by Foo Foo Threads

Today we are taking a look at the Foo Foo Threads Four Seasons Flat Front Peasant Dress.  I am so in love with the versatility of this pattern - it was truly designed to cover all four seasons, and we are going to show you how to pair it up with another great Foo Foo Pattern (the Triple Ruffle Pants - review HERE) to get through the cold fall and winter months ahead.  And there is a special deal just for YOU!!!  Foo Foo Threads has set up a special listing combining the Four Seasons Dress and the Triple Ruffle Pants for just $11!!!!!  You can then combine this great deal with the purchase of another pattern and get one FREE (the Dress&Pants combined listing counts as 1 pattern in the buy 2 get one free sale).  If you are new to Foo Foo threads or looking to add a few things to your collection - this is an awesome deal! (Combined listing expires 11/4/2013)

  • This review was completed by a 3rd party objective reviewer who received a complimentary copy of the pattern in order to complete the review. Neither Pattern Revolution nor the reviewer received any additional compensation for this review.


Here are Katie and Melissa to show you their takes on the dress...


I am so excited to be doing this review for you all today! Seriously, I have been drooling over FooFoo Threads patterns for months, trying to pick which ones I  *needed*, because I want them all.  Everything she makes is so deliciously girly, which is just my style when it comes to sewing for my 5 year old and for my shop, Leave You In Stitches. I want my little girl to stay little and ruffly for as long as possible! I was ECSTATIC to do a review and move it up my to-do list. The verdict? I'm in love with Foofoo Threads.

The Four Seasons Flat Front Peasant Top or Dress comes with sooo many options. It really does work for all four seasons! We went with the tunic length in long sleeves, because even though we live in central Florida (where it was 88 degrees and 90% humidity today), we do end up having quite a few cold days where I have to scrounge for appropriate clothing. So, I love being able to make her just a few winter pieces without breaking the bank. Besides, it's really hard to find girly-girl things in the stores for winter. Onto the details...

  • Like I said, this pattern has plenty of options. Many, many different wardrobe pieces can be made with this. More bang for the buck is always a good thing, right?
  • Soooo many sizes! My daughter is a 5 and I am sad about how many of my patterns will become unusable. When that sad fact dawned on me, larger size ranges started to matter. 0-3 month through 12!
  • There were only 6 pages to print for the bodice, sleeve cutout, and bib-template. The ruffles, skirt and sleeves were all listed measurements. I love that!
  • They are nested patterns that print in color, which was only a little bit of a bummer for me. It only adds a few minutes to figure out which shade of gray is your size, when your darn printer is constantly out of color ink (and your husband is "frugal").
  • I sew with knits maybe 25% of the time - so, not my forte. But, Foofoo Threads explained a new method (for me) in her pattern. It worked beautifully. I never would have thought I could mix knit and woven so perfectly. It makes for a beautiful AND comfortable finished piece.
  • There are plenty of clear pictures to help you along the way. I never had a "stuck" moment. But, I should warn those of you who like to scan the wording in a tutorial, print the pattern, and just go. I usually do that. Trust me, this pattern is not like other peasant top/dress patterns. You should read it, like she says.
  • There are even more options when it comes to finishing the 3/4 length or full length sleeves. You can have elastic around the upper arm (like mine), or at the sleeve, or nowhere. You can also choose to add casing where I put my elastic, or to shirr it. I shirred mine, because I am comfortable with it. If you aren't, no fear! There are options!
  • The only thing I changed was to make my bib ruffle in woven. I had a lot of pretty coordinates for the Fall dress I had in mind, but none of them were knits. I cut down the length by a couple of inches (woven makes a bulkier ruffle than knit), and then hemmed the long edges. I hemmed the short edges into the neckline.


Hello Pattern Revolution Peeps! My name is Melissa. I am the girl behind Emby Designs, which is named after my two princesses, Emma & Abby. (You can also find me here on Facebook.) I stay home with and homeschool my two beautiful princesses. My interest in sewing developed after having my oldest, but over the last few years my love for it has really grown. When I have time to sew for others I love to create beautiful things for other little girls to enjoy, too!

I was honored to once again be asked to do a review for Pattern Revolution.  The pattern up this time is the Four Seasons Flat Front Knit Peasant Dress by FooFoo Threads.  First let me say, while my stash of knits is decent, I have yet to actually use any of them until this dress.  Wow, what was I waiting on?  This adorable number was so easy and is simply gorgeous.  Here is my youngest showing it off and she just LOVES it!

This pattern comes in sizes 0-3months all the way up to size 12!  I don't know about you, but I LOVE when a pattern covers such a large size range.  This darling number also has lots of options such as: the choice of flutter sleeves, short sleeves, or long sleeves; various finishing and elastic placement options on the sleeves; sash or no sash; ruched ruffles or regular woven ruffles at the bottom; even the option to make it as either a dress or top!  LOTS and lots of possibilities here.  I thought this pattern was very well written, easy to follow, had great pictures to help you along, and was a really simple sew...even if you haven't sewn with knits before.  You will find lots of useful information about knits and tips on sewing with them.  Now, I am not a super fast sewist and I constantly start and stop with my kiddos being home, but I'd say uninterrupted at a decent pace you could probably knock this out in 2-3 hours on average.  If you are a faster sewer, well I'm sure you could do it even quicker.

This pattern also comes with a template for the bib portion, but she also mentions that you can make your own bib shape if you choose, which is what I did here.  I wanted a larger bib front on this one, so I just played around with my ruffle until I was happy with the layout.  Here's a close up of the bib front with buttons:

We also can't forget about twirl factor because if your girls are anything like mine, they must have this.  One of the first things my girls do when putting on  new dress it spin to see how well it twirls.  Well, suffice it to say...this one passed as you can see here.

My little girl was beside herself with joy over this cute little dress..and Mommy was pretty happy herself.  I really do love how this turned out and I can not wait to make more.  In fact, my oldest has already requested one for herself exactly like this one.  I can see many variations of this as a dress and top in our future for Fall/Winter.

I would highly recommend this would my daughter!


I hope you have enjoyed seeing both the tunic and dress version of the Four Seasons Pattern - now go check out the review of the Triple Ruffle Pants and don't forget to grab the limited time special combined deal on both patterns HERE.