Triple Ruffle Pants by Foo Foo Threads

Did you see these Triple Ruffle Pants in our Review of The Four Seasons Flat Front Peasant Dress?   They are just stunning.  Read through for Katie's full review and more gorgeous pictures.  And don't forget - there is a special COMBINED listing of the dress and pants over at Foo Foo Threads!  Two patterns for just $11 - and this listing can be combined with the B2G1 sale (the combined listing counts as ONE pattern).

  • This review was completed by a 3rd party objective reviewer who received a complimentary copy of the pattern in order to complete the review. Neither Pattern Revolution nor the reviewer received any additional compensation for this review.


Did you check out all the awesome details of FooFoo Threads Four Seasons Peasant Top and Dress? Well if you havn't already - check out the Review. Now it's time to take a peak at those gorgeous pants my daughter is wearing with her new top. While she is as girly as can be, my daughter has never been a fan of ruffle pants (much to my dismay). Sometimes I think there is too much fabric, making them feel heavy; or they can be kind of awkward to move around in. Whatever the reason, we solved it with this pattern! She LOVES them!

  • Skill level - beginner. Lots of gathering and hemming; time consuming, but not difficult.
  • Printing - 8 pieces of nested pattern pieces, that print in color.
  • Instructions - clear and easy to understand, with lots of pictures. The pattern pieces themselves are for capri length, so make sure you read the instructions to know how much to add for full length.

  • The ruffles are all sewn into seams. So, if you are like me and don't like exposed serged edges, this is a great pattern for you.
  • Yardage requirements and finished measurement charts are provided.
How cute is that little belly button?

The fit for us is spot on (my daughter is very comfortably a store bought size 5, which is the size I made); not too baggy, the waist is just right, and the length is perfect. As you can see, she didn't have any trouble walking and playing in them. I am so happy to have a couple of patterns that will last us through winter, although I would suggest a heavier material for the pants if you live in a cold climate. It took me about an hour to finish, though I am sure it will be faster the second time around

 I can do it, mommy.
 Almost there.
I did it!