Rosie Crossbody Bag by Paco Bean

I'm going to admit something here.... I LOVE bags.  It doesn't matter what size you are, what season it is, or what mood you are in - you can always find the perfect bag.  Unless that is, if you have semi expensive tastes and a very tight budget.  But that is why purse and bag patterns from wonderful designers like Paco Bean exist!  I am really loving the shape of the new Rosie Crossbody bag, this is going on my 'MUST MAKE' list!!!  I love how you can mix it up with any fun fabric combination, or you could always go with all one fabric but you will still have the great detailing from the pieced front.  So many options.

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Now here is Nichole to share her version of the Rosie..... 


Hey everyone!! I'm Nichole, from Full of Grace Boutique. Stay at home mom who LOVES to sew. I started sewing purses and bags a few years ago, and transitioned into children's clothing. It was nice to dive back into the purse world for a change.

Thanks to Pattern Revolution, I had the chance to sew up the new Rosie Crossbody Bag, from Paco Bean. I'm quite happy with my end result, and have been using it for a few days, with lots of compliments too! Who doesn't love a good bag, right? I picked out this crazy chevron, it reminded me of cute girly camo. The yellow adds a nice contrast and bold touch.

Alright, lets get to the nitty gritty...the pattern!! 

Pattern prints out nicely and pieces are easy to use. As always with bags, lots of cutting fabric before sew time. Purse, lining and all that interfacing. 

The pattern gives you exact requirements on the fabric and type of interfacing (including pellon numbers), which is always nice. No guessing game. 

Hardware needed is very minimal. Couple of D rings, and a slider. And, if you are brave enough, a zip. (more on that later)

Gives you a great layout of how to cut your fabric. If you're like me, you won't pay attention and goof up. But have no fear, I made it work. ;)

The pattern breaks down into 9 steps, each step is pretty lengthy. If you've never made a purse before you are going to want to fully read the directions before starting. I know, you should always do this anyway, right?? ;) I might not have eaten my Wheaties the morning I made this, I was having to read and re-read. But in the end, the directions were spot on. Purse came out great!!

Okay, the zipper. I have never done a zipper this way. I can't say that I prefer it, but that's probably because I always install zippers the same way, and a way in which I love. So I'm probably just picky. But I followed her directions and was able to install it. And it turned out pretty darn good! I'm just not sure a beginner would want tackle this zipper installation. Or, I would recommend to watch a few zipper install videos first. Don't want to tackle the zipper, no problem. Just put in pockets. :)

I love the sturdiness of this bag. It has a really great shape!! Hold itself up really well, no slouchy bag here, thanks to all that fabulous interfacing. 

Overall, I'm really happy with my end result. A new, very roomy purse I can use every day! I love the touch that the hardware gives the strap. You can wear it as an crossbody bag, or shorten up the strap and just wear it on your shoulder, which is what I'll do most of the time!!


I seriously need to make one of these!!!!  

If you want to win your very own copy  of the Rosie Crossbody Bag -make sure you comment on our Facebook post!!!