Little Bow Pleat Dress by Blank Slate Patterns

We're happy to have Denise Young visiting the blog today with her review of the Little Bow Pleat Dress from Blank Slate Patterns. Blank Slate is one of our affiliates and this post does contain affiliate links. If you'd like to purchase this pattern, or any other Blank Slate pattern, this is a great week to do it because Melissa is donating 50% of her profits this week to the Susan G Komen Foundation in support of breast cancer research and services. To browse patterns click HERE.

Image Courtesy of Blank Slate Patterns

Image Courtesy of Blank Slate Patterns

I have been sewing for nearly 20 years...with 5 daughters, it's a skill that's come in handy more than once.  Sewing is more than a hobby for me, it is therapeutic....and useful!  Yay!

I sure had a hard time choosing a pattern...there are so many adorable ones out there.  I chose a designer I had never heard of, but was located here in I felt a kinship right away :). 

My  designer choice?  Blank Slate Patterns.

I was drawn to the classic lines of their designs, and how versatile the styles were.  I have been looking for a classic A-line dress for a while, so The Little Bow Pleat Dress caught my eye.



This pattern was fairly easy & each step was very well described.  I printed, cut & taped the pattern pieces together first, then proceeded as usual from there.  The pieces were a bit persnickety, but not undoable.  For the most part, I followed the directions closely, except for the finishing of the arm bands.  I created more work for myself by hand-stitching them....just because I prefer the results.  The pattern, however, tells exactly how to finish it on the machine--much quicker.  Overall, this was a pleasant sewing experience, which is, of course, always a plus!  Coming in at about 2.5 hours from printing to hemming, it's a quick project as well.

I used a quilting cotton which really made up cute, I think.  This Alexander Henry Apples + Pears fabric has been in my stash just begging me to find the right dress for it.  I LOVE it.  We have already worn it to church, but it would be really great for school, as well.


If I were to do some tweaking, I think this dress would be adorable as a blouse, which is easily accomplished by cutting it shorter.  It could be paired with a little skirt, leggings or jeans.  It would also be just as cute with out the bow, maybe adding some appliques, buttons or other trimmings. 


On a side note, the pattern suggested that knits could also be used.  I did make a second outfit using knit, but was not happy with the results.  I used a 100% cotton knit, so maybe it was the fabric, but I'll stick with fabrics that are more stable for the next go-round. 

Overall, I give this pattern 2 thumbs up ;).  It was fun to make & is a great basic piece in a little girl's wardrobe, but it could easily be dressed up with just a change of fabric.  I will make many more versions of it, for sure.  Now, I'm eyeballing the Schoolday Skirt......