Busy Lizzy Dress by Sew Like My Mom

Happy Monday Morning -we have a bunch of great things in store for you this week, but we are kicking it off with the adorable Busy Lizzy Dress by Sew Like My Mom.  With three sleeve options and the ability to make either a top or a dress with this pattern, I just know you are going to want to add it to your collection.  AND for one day only, you can get 20% off the entire shop with the code PROCT13 - thanks so much Melissa!


  • This review was completed by a 3rd party objective reviewer who received a complimentary copy of the pattern in order to complete the review. Neither Pattern Revolution nor the reviewer received any additional compensation for this review.

Now here are Erica and Stephanie to share their versions with you....


Hello sewing friends! My name is Erica Hill and I have a small shop called Stripes and Ruffles.I started out sewing cloth diapers for my kids about ten years ago and have switched to childrens' clothes over the last 3 years. I sell locally in an eco-family store called Sailors and Sparrows. My full time job is teaching art to elementary school students. I am delighted to be on Pattern Revolution to share with you a pattern I was lucky enough to review- The Busy Lizzy Pattern by the wonderful Melissa at Sewlikemymom.com
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Her blog is full of fun reviews and tutorials. Check out the sweater dress and the fedora.The shirt skirt is brilliantly simple. Onto the pattern at hand-Busy Lizzy.I made a size five long sleeved top. I love that the pattern is a top and a dress. There are three sleeve options- sleeveless, short sleeves, and long sleeves.Bonus- I can make this all year long and it will adjust to the seasons.

DSC_0063 copy DSC_0049 copy

The pattern took me two hour long sessions. I spent one night assembling the pattern,tracing the pieces, and cutting the fabric. The next night I sewed all the pieces together. You might be able to go faster.This was with some distractions, like my husband and facebook.

DSC_0026(1) copy
DSC_0032(1) copy

 I would rate this as a beginner level project. You will need an marker that washes off with water to mark the front pleat and the gathering for the sleeves.I assume that most have one but if you don't, Walmart carries them along with fabric stores. The closure is a simple button and loop- no buttonhole needed. The size five shirt I made used about a yard of fabric. Disclaimer: I used store bought bias tape instead of making my own. The pattern gives careful directions on making your own if you have not done so before.

DSC_0036(1) copy

 The pattern had a picture for every step. Can I tell you how much I appreciate that? I am a huge visual learner. Even if I read the whole pattern carefully, there are sometimes steps I just NEED to see because I don't fully understand what to do, especially when trying things out of my comfort zone. Initially my daughter didn't want to wear the shirt because she thought it looked itchy but after some bribery talking, she decided to wear it. She loved it after she wore it for pictures and then kept it on until bedtime. She said it was really comfortable and not itchy at all. Score! I am planning my next one in Thanksgiving fabrics now.

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DSC_0091 copy
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Hi! I'm Stephanie with Sew Van-Tastic and I had the pleasure of getting to sew up the Busy Lizzy by Sew Like My Mom. The name of this pattern is so fitting. It's the perfect pattern for a busy mom like myself.  The Busy Lizzy pattern is fantastic if you're looking for a fun & quick sew that will get you lots of compliments. It's perfect for a beginner and includes lots of fun (& easy) techniques!

If you're a busy mom like me, the Busy Lizzy pattern isn't just a name. It is the perfect pattern if you're busy and want something that doesn't resemble a pillowcase dress. There were LOTS of options: dress, top, short sleeves, long sleeves, and even 3/4 sleeves!!! You really get a lot of different options for one pattern and I love that you can adjust it for the seasons. I chose to make the short sleeve dress since we live in Florida and it tends to be warm for most of the year.

I started the project after I put my daughter to bed. From the time I cut the pattern pieces to the time that I finished the dress was just a couple of hours. Not only was it a quick sew, it was also super fun! It's also a very cute cut that is comfortable for your little to run and play in. It's really a great dress for every little busy body in your life.

The instructions for the Busy Lizzy were great. All the pattern pieces went together really easily and the cutting lines and markings were really well explained. The photo tutorial had lots of very clear pictures and detailed instructions so that you're never left scratching your head. She even includes a tutorial on how to make your own bias tape! I just love patterns that include tips that you can put to use while making other items.

I really loved the cut and style of this dress. I just got this fabric in from One Red Blossom Fabrics and was dying to find the perfect project to showcase the giant squirrels. The Busy Lizzy was the perfect pattern to really show off the design on the fabric. I bet this will become another go-to pattern for me when I want to upcycle some cute vintage bed sheets. I also adore the little pleat at the top of the dress along the neckline. It really adds a nice tailored look to the dress. The little puff sleeves add an element of sweetness.

So if you're a busy mom, with a busy kid, the Busy Lizzy from Sew Like My Mom is THE perfect pattern for you!