Ruffle Pants by Aivilo Charlotte

Today we are sharing an adorable new take on the classic Ruffle Pants.   Aivilo Charlotte has raised the bar with their new release, The Avilio Charlotte Ruffle Pants, there are options for singe ruffles, double ruffles, pleated ruffles, gathered ruffles, bias bound ruffles.... and so on! This pattern has a size range of 12m-12/14 tween AND includes a free 18inch doll pattern.   Avilio Charlotte is offering a special SALE on her whole Etsy Shop trough Sunday - 35% off with code: SAVE35 .Read on to see the cuteness from our reviewers Paige and Sarah. Go all the way to the bottom and make sure to enter the giveaway to win a 3 Pack Bundle of Patterns from Aivilo Charlotte!

  • This review was completed by a 3rd party objective reviewer who received a complimentary copy of the pattern in order to complete the review. Neither Pattern Revolution nor the reviewer received any additional compensation for this review.


Hi Everyone!  I'm Paige and I'm a working mom who loves to sew.  I usually only sew things for my kids but every now and then I make something for friends or myself. 

It's cold here in Ohio so I was excited to see a new pattern for pants. This review is for the Aivilo Charlotte Ruffle Pants. Before you start, you need to decide which type of pants you want to sew. There are different options provided for the ruffles. You can make a single gathered short or tall ruffle, a short or tall pleated one, or a double ruffle with bias trim. For me, deciding which version to make first was the hardest part of the pattern. I went back and forth between the pleated bottom and the one with the bias tape. You can see which style I chose.

 I usually just serge or hem my ruffles but I really like the finished look with the bias binding. 

 These pants went together quickly and easily.  This would be a good pattern for a beginner or anyone who wants to make something fun and fashionable.  The instructions were clear and had accompanying color pictures to help with construction.  Sizing and fabric charts are provided.  There are 16 pages of non-colored pattern pieces to tape together.  After you cut out the pants and pocket pieces, you just use the measurements for cutting the ruffle bands, ruffles, and waistband.  Everything fit together perfectly.  Even the band around the ruffles didn't need any resizing or adjustments. I always smile when that happens. 

I made the size 6 which has a good overall fit. This pattern is designed for sizes 12 months through Tween 14.  With 3 girls, it's nice to have a large range of sizes in one pattern.  As a bonus, you get the 18" doll size too.  That's a big plus for me since my daughter loves having matching clothes for her doll.  She didn't even have these on for 5 minutes before she asked for a pair for her American Girl.  I didn't have a chance to make them yet but it's on my list.

These pants also have flat front lined pockets which were super easy to sew together and attach. 
I can't wait to see what I find in them.  :)

I thought my ruffle bands were a little plain so I added some orange ric rac.  There are so many embellishment possibilities and I'm looking forward to making more of these pants.

Happy Sewing!


Hello Everyone! This is Sarah and I am back today to share my review of the new Aivilo Ruffle Pants from Aivilo Charlotte.

I jumped at the chance to review these pants.  I mean, who doesn't love a ruffle pant?  Plus, this ruffle pant has lots options.  I think I've said before that I'm a gal that LOVES options.  The pants have options for pockets, double ruffles, and tall or short ruffles or pleats.  Plus, the size range is HUGE; size 12 month to 14 tween! I fell in love with the little grey pair on the cover of the pattern.  But, since I had some cute stretch denim in my stash, and my stash is becoming a hoard, I used the denim I had on hand.

The pattern is well laid out; the fabric requirement charts and cutting charts were very clear and I liked that they were separated by option.  For me, that leads to less confusion and fewer errors.  Assembly of the pattern was really quick, and cutting was even quicker.  The pattern pieces are used to cut the pant leg pieces and the pockets.  All of the other cuts (or rips in my case) were from the measurement charts.

So then it was off to sewing and it all came to a screeching halt.  I had cut two left legs and no right legs.  Total bummer.  To make matters worse, I used all of the denim I had on hand AND this was a bargain denim from JoAnn's, so no telling if they would have more.  So what do you do?  Well, if you are me, you cut the size 7 pants you were originally making into size 4 pants for your younger daughter.  Then I was back in business.

These pants sew together very quickly.  I skipped the pockets because, although they are adorable, my daughter has a tendency to put her hands in her pockets and push her pants down. Or put random rocks and treasures in them that end up in my washing machine.  So, no pockets for now.

I chose the tall ruffle option.  I love the look of the longer ruffle and I thought the band was a cute touch that makes these pants look very finished.  The construction of the pants took me less than an hour with a few kid interuptions along the way.  The instructions were very clear and the pictures were well placed and informative.

My only con on this pattern is that the pattern piece was not labeled to cut one of the legs in reverse.  It is obvious if I had been paying closer attention, the waist is lower in the from than in the back, but I cut a lot of pants that are the same both front and back and I just didn't think about it.  A little note on the pattern might have jogged my thoughts as I was cutting.

The sizing on these was very true to the size chart.  They fit my size 4 girl perfect in the waist.  They ended up a bit long for my daughter, but exactly what was on the chart for the inseam.  The design of the pants is also very wide in the leg.  In fact, with the width of the leg and the length a tad long for my younger daughter, I thought I would just see how they faired on my size 7 daughter (who they were supposed to be for in the first place!)

Turns out, my skinny minnie 7 year old totally rocked them as capris. Double bonus, I had already made the cropped jacket and beret out of the same denim, so we snapped a few pictures of her in them as well.  They were a little too short in the rise for her, as expected, but still super cute.  I have another pair for her on my "to do" list now, along with a pair for the 18" doll she is hoping Santa will bring this year (the 18" doll pattern is included too!).

Overall I thought his pattern was really great.  Loved the options, loved the look, loved the versatility.  I  liked the really wide leg, especially for my older daughter.  I am actually wondering if I can size a pair up for me...

Thanks for reading my review! Until next time,