Fox Stuffie by Dolls and Daydreams

Pattern provided to me courtesy of Dolls and Daydreams

Pattern provided to me courtesy of Dolls and Daydreams

Unless you live under a rock, you are probably aware of the fox craze that is everywhere right now. There are numerous fabric lines featuring the crafty woodland fox, and I'm sure you've heard of that catchy tune, "What does the fox say?" (If not, give a listen HERE, just so you can say you did!) Well, apparently Sarah from Dolls and Daydreams is always a little ahead of the times since her Fox Stuffie Pattern came out back in 2011. I decided to sew one up and thought you might appreciate a full pattern review.

I am almost ashamed to admit that I was a stuffie virgin. That's right, I had never sewn a doll or stuffed animal before, ever. My grandmother was incredible at making dolls, and it is something I have always wanted to do, but I have just been intimidated. That being said, I was a little nervous when I got started, but her directions were so clear that nothing was left to the imagination.


Here are the details about the pattern:

  • Total of 28 pages. 25 with full color photos and some black and white line drawings and 3 pages of black and white pattern pieces which do not require any taping (Score!!!). 
  • Gives fabric suggestions and supply list
  • Clear, step by step directions (and even hyperlinks to additional support articles and videos. on her blog.) I mean, really clear. 
  • Lots of extra valuable tips sprinkled throughout the basic sewing instructions.
  • Includes boy and girl versions
  • Additional patterns for clothing available for purchase (my fox is naked).
  • Easy to scale up or down on a copy machine to make your doll bigger or smaller.
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I really can't say enough good things about this pattern!

But as a reviewer, we are supposed to point out the cons. They are few and far between, for sure; you can tell that Sarah does not dabble in pattern making because her product really is top notch. So, cons, none of which were a deal breaker for me:

  • Pages are not numbered (not an issue for me since I never print out instructions, but I know this really bothers some people, especially moms of toddlers who like to play 52 page pickup with their patterns).
  • Pattern listing and pattern do not have finished product measurements. I was surprised at how big Mr. Fox actually was when I printed out the pieces. I was happily surprised, but it did occur to me then that I really had no idea ahead of time how big he was going to be. Not quite as problematic as it would be with a clothing pattern, but it would be nice to know ahead of time. 
  • Price. I don't really consider this a con, because I feel like this pattern is a good value for the money; however, I know the audience is split on this one, so I force myself to see both sides of the coin. This pattern is priced at $10, which is not a terrible price for a very high quality PDF, but it IS at the upper range of pricing when it comes to PDF patterns. It depends on whether you plan on making 1 fox or 10 as to whether it would be worth it for you. For me, I tend to look at toy patterns as single use, but clothing patterns I would use many times. I'll probably use this one a few more times though because it is just so cute!.

I think it definitely helped me conquer my fear of sewing dolls. I have (at least) one more Dolls and Daydreams patterns in my stash, so I'll be tackling that one soon now that I know how fun and easy they are to sew.

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Be on the look out for a giveaway of the fox pattern and 2 other stuffie patterns tomorrow on the blog home page!