Seamus the Sea Turtle by NimblePhish

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Hi! Crystal here from Stitched by Crystal.  I was asked to try sewing one of NimblePhish's stuffed animals and I was excited to give it a try.  All her designs are so adorable, but I was really drawn to Seamus the Sea Turtle (isn't he cute?!) and I knew my son would love him too.

I have made stuffed animals in the past, but only things like sock monkeys and rag dolls. I was a bit intimidated at first because the pattern for this little guy calls for doll joints, I have never used them before and didn't even know where to find them.  Turns out my local Joann's stocks a limited selection of joint sizes, they didn't have the exact sizes my turtle called for but they were pretty close and worked just fine.  The fun thing about a jointed animal is you can position them, here is Seamus saying "hi"!

I was surprised when I opened that pattern to find there were no pictures, but the instructions were easy to follow and I managed to sew him up without them.  I don't think this would be a good project for a beginner to try but any intermediate seamstress should have no problem.  From start to finish I had Seamus sewn up in about two and a half hours. *This is an older pattern by Nimblephish. Newer patterns do include pictures, and many of the older patterns (like this one) are in the process of being updated with photos.

According to the pattern you can make this little turtle with pretty much any fabric with some stretch to it.  I was able to use up some minky scraps I had, they are perfect sea turtle colors too.

Seamus has a little romper with his shell on it that you can take on and off.  I could be fun to make a whole wardrobe for Seamus, he could have different shells for every occasion :)

My son loves turtles so these two became fast friends.  Seamus has been dragged around with us everywhere, I find it especially rewarding to make something my kid really loves!