Playhouse Dress by Fishsticks Designs

Today we are sharing two reviews of the newly released Playhouse Dress by Fishsticks Designs.  Whether you are a connoiseur of knits or a knit newbie, you will love this pattern.  I've got plans for some upcycles using this pattern as well as possibly breaking out the Riley Blake Knits for a spring version - I love the options for long or short sleeves.

Check out the Reviews by Nicole and Raedene and if you fall in love like I did, grab your own copy of the pattern for $3 OFF with the code: PLAYHOUSE 

  • This review was completed by a 3rd party objective reviewer who received a complimentary copy of the pattern in order to complete the review. Neither Pattern Revolution nor the reviewer received any additional compensation for this review


Hi Again I'm Nicole and I sew to sell over at K & A Couture I've been sewing with knits for quite sometime now however I always love trying new patterns! I jumped at the chance to make the new Playhouse Dress by Fishsticks Designs I wanted to make my little one an A line dress for her Christmas Dress, I just hadn't decided on which pattern I was going to use till I saw this pattern!


 We may have gone a little picture cray cray over here, seeing as she absolutely loved the dress and thought it was sooo awesome that I was letting her touch the presents!!

So back to the pattern itself! I thought it was very easy to follow and such a quick sew. I cut it out and pieced my front together one night and then sewed it up tonight after work, the actually sewing took maybe 30-45 minutes! That's the type of dress I like to make! I can see several more of these in our future!

The pattern comes with all the finished measurements listed out in a chart, the problem for me was that I didn't read the nice little paragraph before the chart which told you where you were measuring from! HAHA! I read it knowing that my almost 4 year old I make her dresses 25" from shoulder to hem, however the chart stated a size 3 was 19" in length, I got all confused and thought I would have to make her a 3 in the chest and a 6 in length! After reading it more carefully I realized my mistake, that measurement was from neckline to hem, so I only had to add a couple of inches! Whew! My kid is tall for her age!

The pattern is very nicely put together and even if you've never sewn with knits before this pattern is easy enough you could tackle this for your first try!! I know a lot of people are scared of neckbands and armbands, but Fishsticks has very nice chart for you on what height and length to cut based on your type of fabric! Once you've tacked a few neckbands with this pattern you'll be a pro! 

I will definitely be using this pattern again! I see many Playhouse Dresses in our future! The combination of fabrics are endless!! Now if I could only find more time in the day to sew all the designs I have going on in my head!


I was so excited to sew the newest pattern by Fishsticks, The Playhouse dress. Especially , since it was in my cart on cyber Monday and somehow the day got away from me and I forgot to buy it! I have been sewing for my girls and my shop but mainly using woven fabrics. Lately, I have gotten bit by the knit BUG! My experience has only really been leggings and ruffle pants. This dress caught my eye and I thought I need to give it a try! It is also my first sew of a Fishsticks pattern although I have several others in my collection. We just need MORE hours in the day!


 I have recently stocked up on knits so choosing fabrics was so fun. I had so many choices. It says in the pattern it can be made in knit or woven fabrics. NOTE: the bodice in both version needs to be knit I assume to get over the head. I actually made two versions. The first in all knits and then I thought I would give the woven/knit combo a try. Let me say it is perfection too!


 This pattern is AWESOME. Here is what I loved:
- prints easily
- computer drafted pieces pieces line up well with a view on the tutorial of all the pieces put together measurements for non-pattern pieces written directly on the pattern (no need to pull up the tutorial once you are a PRO)
- finished measurements chart supplies/ yardage needed chart lines to remind you cutting with the grain
- wide size range 12 months-12 years
- best types of knits are recommended
- SUPER FAST to make
- The bodice front and back are both cut on the fold as are the sleeves making the cutting of this pattern super quick. The skirt is also cut on the fold so when cutting 2 it creates a circle skirt.
-The unique design of the curved bodice is genius; where the skirt fabric also doubles as part of the bodice. The neckband and arm bands are measurement cuts and can be other coordinating colors. Giving this dress lots of varieties.


 I cut and sewed this entire dress the first time in a little over an hour. The second dress took me 45 minutes. The directions are so easy to follow. Excellent pictures at every step to allow you to see specifically what to do. There are even separate directions for knits or wovens. Lots of great tips for sewing with knit especially when hemming on curved line. The two sleeve lengths allows this dress to be versatile. This pattern will be used year round. The short sleeves have separate directions for gathering and inserting to give them that cute puffy appearance.


 I have never ever sewn Sleeve bands and neckbands in knit before. This was new to me. The directions on how to pin them and stretch out while sewing were great. I found it very easy to do. One can use interlock or stretch jersey for these cuts. So using scraps of fabric from the other pieces is ideal. The only issue I had with the entire pattern was ALL my FAULT. When creating the neckbands and armbands for the first dress I thought I would get all smarty pants and use "ribbing" knit. The pattern calls for interlock or stretch jersey. I went ahead of myself and cut the ribbing basically for the color. Not that ribbing is not a good choice, but lesson learned not all ribbing is created equal and it was way too stretchy with little recovery. So in the all knit dress the neck looks wonky and too big as do the armbands. I wanted to test this theory so with the second dress I used stretch jersey that had a great recovery. I knew then it was the ribbing and not the pattern.


 The all knit version was made in a size 4 for my younger one but the neck was too big so I had my older one model it . Please note the skirt length is shorter than would be typical of her correct size. The younger one is modeling a size 4 her standard size. It is a great fit overall. According to my girls super duper comfy!!! They love this style and are already picking fabrics for the next 2 versions! I cannot say enough great things about this pattern. I wish I had it when I first started sewing knits as it is very easy to follow with a great finished product. Someone NEW to knits would find this a great match!