A-line Yoga Skirt for Women & Tweens by Jocole

Have you recovered enough from Christmas to be ready to sew again?  If so, you might just want to check out Jocole's Patterns.  With options for girls, tweens, and women you wont have to look hard to start creating a wish list.  I've got my eye on some of her Mix 'n Match patterns for women, but today we are going to talk about her A-line Yoga skirt.  (You can read the full review of the Kids's sizing HERE

This skirt comes in a size range of XS-3XL, with nine length options, and free tutorials for making a maternity version or a high low version - talk about Versatility!!!!!

In case your laundry list of 'Must Buy' patterns has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 30 seconds, Jocole is offering 25% off your entire shopping cart with the code: patternrevolution.  How's that for kindness... or enabling ;o)

Now here is  Kara to share the three versions of this skirt that she whipped up in no time flat ;o)

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Jocole A Line Yoga Skirt

Review by Kara Orr

I was so fortunate to be able to sew up the Ladies and Girls Yoga A-Line Skirt from Jocole.  I am a sucker for anything yoga, so this is right up my ally! I just love that stretchy waistband.  I can't wait to get my hands on the Ladies Yoga Pants to make myself a pair!!!

I chose to make the chevron pattern for myself and I am going to make the girls chevron version ASAP.  The ladies skirt comes in sizes XS-XXXL, so this skirt is for everyone!  I made the size small for myself and it is pretty fitted on me.  Knit is needed for this skirt but no worries, there are lots of tips and hints to help you out.  (P.S. The photo below is proof that my husband can still make me laugh!)

 I made my oldest DD a size 14 and it fits her perfectly.  I am always looking for items to sew for her because there aren't many stylish choices out there for teens.  I think it looks so cute on her!  The nice thing about this skirt is that the pattern provides varying lengths(above the knee, middle of knee,below knee, same for calf lengths, and Petite, Regular and Tall Maxi lengths), so you can personalize it just for you!  

The Yoga Skirt can be worn everywhere from relaxing at home, to school, shopping and to church.  And even better, the skirt literally took me 15 minutes to sew.  No lie, 15 minutes!  I can handle that.  The ladies version took slightly longer because of the chevron(and all the pins, oh the pins), but it was still very fast.

We aren't the only ones that got a cute skirt, my youngest got in on the action also.  She has a bit of a round tummy so this skirt is great for her, stretchy to go over the belly.

There are pattern pieces that need to be printed out, but if you make the short version there are only a few pages to print.

 The girls version comes in sizes 18m-14 and a doll size is included, how fun.  As you can see, you don't have to make the chevron version, you can make the skirt plane. 

I can't wait to make this version in a maxi, I am a sucker for a maxi skirt!


 Jocole also has a series called the Mix & Match Series.  I can't wait to make a few things from that series!  You can design your own outfit!  I want to make the Basic Tee with Flounce Sleeves and the Playful Flounce Bottom for my youngest.  Doesn't that sound just divine?  And for myself?  I love the Basic Tee with the Classy Cowlneck, I MUST make that!  I also need to make the Racerback Tee, I also love a tank.  (Can you tell I live for comfort and to be able to move?)

I hope you enjoy the skirt as much as me!