Women's Pencil Skirt (XS-XXXL) by Jocole

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Have you ever had a moment where you look at a pattern and go, 'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I want that for ME!', but then instantly doubt that said pattern will look good on you - yeah I do that all the time ;op  I am a curvy girl, and pregnancy (well twins followed immediately by second pregnancy) have forever changed the shape I used to know how to dress.   I instantly fell in love with the look of Jocole's Pencil Skirt, but doubted I could pull it off with my tummy, wide hips, and thick legs... BOY OH BOY was I WRONG!!!!  This is like the magic pattern that looks good on everyone!!!  You can customize it to fit your exact shape, and with a size range of XS to XXXL; this is a wonderful pattern for so many of us out there!

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pencil skirt-1003a.jpg


I made the XL with the natural waist and regular waistband - it is sooooooooooooo comfy.  Now if you are a bit curvy, like me, stick with a thicker knit - it wont cling or emphasize lumps and bumps.  I picked this amazing jersey with a wool doodle stitched on top, my sister sent it to me for my birthday and I LOVE it.  The black and white marbling is not only totally in right now, but it also gives the skirt dimension and keeps the eye moving.

pencil skirt-1002a.jpg

Are you ready for my favorite part about this pattern????  There is ONE printed pattern piece.  Yep, just one.  You will also cut your waistband from the chart given (with options for slim waistband, regular, and yoga waistband you can get he perfect fit for your body and style).  So total you will have three pieces of fabric to sew together (the skirt front and back and the waistband), and that means this sews together lickity split.  I was able to cut and sew this skirt in about a half hour... it could have been faster but my serger decided it wanted to break two needles while sewing on the waistband ;op

I used a twin needle for the hem and for top stitching the seam of the wast band.  The instructions are so clear, include so many tips and tricks, and will guarantee that you get the perfect fit for you - so read them, mmm'kay ;o)

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The Deets:

  • Size range: XS-XXXL
  • Pattern prints in Black and White on 8 pages (seriously what awesome women's pattern only requires you to print 8 pages!?!?!?).  All the Sizes are nested which makes it easier to customize the fit based on your waist and hip measurements.
  •  The Charts (fabric guide, sizing guide, and waistband chart) print WITH the pattern pieces.  I love this so much
  • There are cutting lines for 7 different lengths. (the cutting lines are in color - or grey scale if you only print in B&W like me ;op)
  • The pattern also includes directions for creating a Chevron effect if using stripes.
  •  This pattern uses line drawings to clearly show how to take your measurements and how to pick your length.
  • Rather than photos, this pattern incorporates line drawings to show you step by step what to do.
pencil skirt-1008a.jpg
pencil skirt-1007a.jpg

Have I mentioned yet that I LOVE this pattern, and more importantly I love my skirt - I feel stylish in it, I feel confident in it, I may have worn it the last two weeks to church.  I already have plans to make a second one for the spring with a lightweight pinstripe stretch denim that I have in my stash.

Jocole pencil skirt-1001a.jpg

Now here is Nicole to share her version with you....



Hey Everyone, Today I am getting to review the Pencil Skirt by Jocole Patterns.  She offers children and ladies patterns, so there is something for everyone. You'll be stylish and chic!
Every Wednesday she does a different one of her patterns for half off!! Yes, you read that right - STEAL!!!
Now moving onto the goods!

Here are some details about this Pencil Skirt:

  • Size Range: XS-XXXL
  • Pattern Pieces: One! Yes, how awesome is that All the different lengths are clearly labeled on the pattern piece.
  • Options: Chevron option with striped fabric. Can use any fabric with stretch!
  • Skinny knit waistband, Regular knit waistband, fold-over yoga waistband. Maternity option for free on Jocole Blog.
  • Lengths: Mini, Short, Above Knee, Mid Knee, Below Knee, Above Calf, Mid Calf, Below Calf. P
  • Pattern Assembly Time: 5 minutes
  • Fabric Cutting Time: 5 minutes or less
  • Sewing Time: Under 20 minutes!! Yes, so true fastest item I've every made!

This skirt is amazing!  I choose to do a black and white polka dot knit that I had purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby so my skirt cost under $2.00 score! I also added some fun lace at the bottom to add a little spice to it. I went with the Extra Small and did the natural waist, regular waistband, and I'm super short so I had to get MacGyver on it :)My length ended up being below calf. Which is what is so fabulous about Jodi's patterns you can get crafty MacGyver on her patterns to create a custom 'one of a kind' garment that fits you perfectly.

That is the best part about sewing, making something that fits you everywhere.  We are all shaped differently which makes the world so beautiful. Included in the pattern is an intro to knits section and glossary of sewing terms. This pattern is perfect for everyone from a beginner to the highest advance level of seamstress.

The pattern is quick and simple loaded with lots of new information and you can get creative. She gives you so many tips and tricks on working with knits and what kind you should look for, recovery stretch of your knit, and the proper tools you need to make working with knit easy peasy.

The pattern is computer drawn and is laid out so simple and nice. She also has a grid which makes assembling this pattern cute and error proof. Having it on a grid also helps making it so you can custoize the pattern to you! She has all the lengths easy to read and follow.

The tutorial has fun illustrations that Jodi draws showing all the different options on cute illustrations which I love. Brings me back to my child hood when we'd draw those same types of illustrations but, not as pretty as Jodi's She has really made her tutorial easy to follow every step of the way!

Jodi includes a page at the end of her tutorial right before the pattern pieces with instructions only. So if you wanted a quick print guide you could easily print off that one page with the pattern pieces to have everything right in front of you making sewing a breeze.

Reviewing this pattern was such a joy and honor! I love Jodi and Jocole and if you haven't tried Jocole yet!! No better time. You won't regret being a Jocole lover.

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