Cloth Tots Diaper by Stitch and Whimsy

Today we've got 2 reviews of the Cloth Tots Diaper Pattern thanks to sewing mamas Ashley and Erica. This pattern by Stitch and Whimsy is both functional and sweet; there's nothing cuter than a fluffy bottomed baby, don't you agree?  Be sure to check out the reviews and enter the giveaway for a free Cloth Tots Diaper Pattern at the bottom!



Cloth Tots One Size Pocket Diaper Pattern Review

by Ashley Wade

Are you on the hunt for a super simple, really quick, trim pocket diaper pattern? Stop your search because this is it!!

PIC 1.jpg

I was thrilled when I was asked if I would like to test this pattern. I have been sewing my own AI2's from a pattern I created myself for some time, but had not had the chance to write or try a pocket pattern yet. I have two boys in cloth, aged 2 and 4 months and we love pockets for overnights!

I have never made a pocket diaper before. Cloth Tots did such a fabulous job with this pattern that I was able to cut, snap and finish a diaper completely in just under 2 hours! The pattern pieces included markings indicating where they should be taped together once cut which was extremely helpful. There are lots of pictures illustrating steps for those of us who are visual learners. I learned several new techniques (an easier way to insert elastic for one!) while making this diaper.

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The snap placements are perfect- the fit was secure on both my 4 month old and my 2 year old who as you can imagine, differ greatly in size! My FAVORITE thing about this diaper? Its sooo trim! There is no bulk in the crotch area and it was less noticeable through clothing than many of my other cloth diapers (and I have ALL brands and types in my personal stash). I let my 4 year old daughter choose the fabric. She is a huge superhero fan so she immediately chose leftover Avengers fabric from a project I had made for her. I was saddened to see there was not quite enough, so I had to get creative.

PIC 3.jpg

I split the pattern piece into two parts a few inches under where the last rise snaps were. I added a half inch seam allowance to each part to account for the seam joining the two fabrics. I sewed them together and top stitched before I followed the remaining steps to the pattern. Even with my little modification, and despite this being my first pocket diaper, it was still incredibly easy to follow! I have the rise and tab snaps on a medium setting above. The fit was wonderful and I was pleased to see that this would obviously fit even a freshly baked newborn since it went even smaller than my on-the-small-side 4 month old!

PIC 4.jpg

And again, I cannot sing the praises of how trim this diaper is enough. If you need a quick, simple, trim pocket diaper pattern that will fit a newbie and a toddler and that you could finish in a nap time, even with very little experience... this is the perfect pattern! Well done, Cloth Tots!


Review # 2 by Erica Hill


Hello! My name is Erica and I run a small shop on Etsy and Facebook called Stripes and Ruffles. I have been sewing for a little over ten years now and one of the first items that I sewed a lot of and really learned how to use my machine on was cloth diapers. I made lots of pocket diapers, t shirt diapers, and all in one diapers. My son is nine now. Time flies! 

 The cloth tots one size diaper can be sewn up during a nap time. Attaching the snaps took the longest amount of time in the whole project. I used snap pliers which are about $20 to buy and you can use them for lots of different projects. Kam Snaps pliers can be found HERE. I watched a YouTube video as a refresher since it had been a while since I had used the pliers.

picture #2.jpg
picture #3.jpg
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The actual sewing time is quick, about thirty minutes. I had half a yard of microfleece and PUL and made two diapers out of what I had. I think this pattern would be great for beginners, but you do need to learn how to use the snap pliers. There are no complicated steps. You cut the diaper and lining, attach the snaps, sew on the elastic, and sew the two layers together. EASY. The size range on the diaper is 10 - 40 lbs. I borrowed my friend's 18 month old daughter for pictures, but before we had our photo shoot, I tried one on my 4 1/2 year old daughter since she is still in the weight range and it fit her comfortably. This pattern would be great for a bigger child who is potty trained during the day but still needs to wear something at night to stay dry. I like the weight range on this pattern. These diapers should cover your child the whole time they need diapers. What a time saver to only have to make a set one time instead of making small, medium, and large sizes.

picture 5.jpg

My big girl being a good sport for mommy. 


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