Angel Wing Top by Vintage to New

These days, I'm what you might call "overwhelmed." I am a stay-at-home-mom to a 22 month old, and a 9 week old. On top of which, I run my own photography business. How's a girl supposed to find time for a hobby like sewing!?

Enter: the "Angel Wing" Top.


For a top as darling as this, it's an amazingly fast sew. From printer to last-stitch, I knocked this whole top out during nap-time. (... I just didn't have enough extra time to give it a final pass of the iron, apparently!)

"But Becca, it has rick-rack and bias tape! What could possibly be 'fast' about a garment with all those extra trimmings??" 

I know, I know! I'm a beginner sewer myself, and I'd be lying if the extra details didn't terrify me. But the pictures in this pattern were exceptionally helpful. I'm also hem-averse (who has time to sew a straight line anyway?) so I'm thrilled to add these handy (and cute-to-boot!) finishing techniques to my sewing skills. I mean really - those rick-rack sleeves??  I just die!


I hate hemming so much, that I used the pattern's "Mock Rolled Hem" tutorial to finish the bottom of this shirt, too. I'm telling you -  my life is CHANGED.


I confess, the bias tape arm hole was no easy feat. It was well articulated and conceptually sound.. but in practice, I couldn't avoid a little puckering around the bottom curve. No doubt something I could achieve with practice, but miss K here isn't complaining so I'm not going to be too hard on myself ;)

Ooh but this particular top lacks my favorite element of this pattern! (Told'ya, I was going for speed here, and this particular feature didn't make the nap-time-cut)  So let me flash back to some pictures from the weekend....

Do you see what I see? 


No? Take a closer look...


There! On the left! The ever-functional over-sized pocket! Great for hoarding cheerios, and storing chalk while my petite-Picasso is at work making over my driveway. 

So the pros are this:

  • Fast Sew
  • Great Tutorials
  • Flexible Fit - great for growing into! 
  • Adorable, Practical Design (When your daughter is non-stop like mine is, it's nice to have the elastic neckline. It makes the catch-and-dress process way less stressful than tops with ties or -heaven forbid!- buttons!)
  • The embellishment possibilities are endless!  Use whatever you have handy. I can't wait to swap rick-rack for lace :) And how sweet would a simple ruffle on the bottom be?? I can't wait to make this again! (..and again)

And the cons: 

  • It calls for (optional) extra notions like rick-rack and ribbon you may not have handy
  • Bias tape hates me. But, if you're friends, rock on! You won't have a problem :)

I'm definitely pleased to have this pattern in my collection! I think you will be too!


Becca DuVal is a lifestyle photographer based outside of Richmond, Virginia. She juggles life with two kids, two rescue dogs, and her super-fine husband. She's a hard-core DIY-er who loves sewing, crafting, and tackling home decor projects far outside her skill level. 

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