Personalized Tote and Towel Review

If you are stuck in this horrible heat wave, like me, you are going to love this pattern - it will help you get out of the house and  off to the closest pool, lake, or beach to cool off.  A great sized bag to carry outdoor essentials like sunscreen and water, but the best thing about this pattern is all of the embellishments to make it uniquely yours.  If you have multiple kids like me, you know it just makes life easier if everyone has 'their own'!  And this also makes for a great gift for the littles and bigs in your life.  I actually made a hooded towel and used the alphabet included in the pattern as a gift for my nephew, you can read about it HERE.   

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Now take it away Kara...... 

Pool Anyone?

Pattern Review for The Personalized Tote Bag and Towel from The Sewing Loft

Hi everyone!  I'm Kara and I blog over at  I've just started blogging and pattern review and am so BEYOND excited to get to review The Personalized Tote Bag and Towel from the Sewing Loft for you today!  I've been sewing for close to 20 years and have recently opened up my own shop on Facebook here.  I have 3 cute kids and a super sweet husband.  Well, enough about me, here we go....

Isn't this bag just perfect for a pool party or just a trip to your neighborhood pool?  It is super cute and the best part, I made it!!!!  

I used the super simple pattern from the Sewing Loft, Personalized Tote Bag and Towel.  Isn't it just the cutest thing?  When I say this pattern is super easy, I mean SUPER easy!  The directions are clear and easy and I made it so super fast.

I think this would be a wonderful party gift for the birthday girl or boy but would also be a great party favor.  My daughter would go crazy if I made this for all of her teen friends!  I see a project in my very near future...

You can hand embroider the letters or machine stitch.  I chose to hand embroider the letters, I just love the look of hand embroidery.  I used the sewing machine to stitch on the flower and ric rac.  

The bag is so simple to sew up, it took no time at all.  I can see easily adjusting the size of this bag to fit your needs.  This bag is VERY spacious and I easily fit 4 rolled up towels inside.  So, there is plenty of room for your cute personalized towel, sunscreen, goggles and a change of clothes.  This bag is so perfect for my teen daughter and my 4 year old!

The color options are endless, and also the image that goes along with the lettering can vary.  The pattern includes instructions and images for the flower, a bird, a fish and an octopus but you could draw out any image and stitch it on your bag.    I also LOVE the font that is included for the lettering!

So, do you think you need this pattern?  I do!  If you need a gift for a birthday or are even starting to think about Christmas gifts, this is the pattern you need!  I think I've found my new "go to" gift for my kids friends.

Happy Sewing!


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