Knotty Girl Boho Bag by Red Label Designs

Who loves bags?!?!  I know I do - well, if you love bags you are probably already familiar with the hit Knotty Girl Hobo Bag from Red Label Designs.  This bag comes in three great sizes and is perfect for selfish sewing for you or a gift for one of the girlies in your life.  One of the things I love about this bag is how different it looks every time I see some one post a picture of it depending on the fabrics and size they choose.  I'm currently trying to pick fabrics to sew one up for ME (I am the world's worst decision maker!!!).  Anyway, Melissa is here to tell you all about the bag, and Red Label is giving away a copy of the pattern to one of our lucky readers, so make sure you enter below!


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Now take it away Melissa!!! 


Hey friends, Melissa here from Three Dutch Divas

Who wants to talk about something Knotty?

Well here she is... the Knotty Girl Boho Bag from RED LABEL PATTERNS that is!

Pattern avail HERE!

When this project fell into my lap, I was THRILLED! What girl doesn't like a great bag? I couldn't wait to get started but I had sewers block. Which should I make? What colors and fabrics should I choose? Later that night as I watched my lil Boo struggling to fit all of her favorite toys of the day into a tiny little purse she takes everywhere,  I thought THATS IT! 

Let's face it, all of us ladies know this face... I have WAY too many things I NEED and they will never all fit!

I had to solve Goldilocks problem... hers was too small, so I had to make her one that was just right! 
That is one of the best things about this pattern. You get to choose from THREE different sizes. Large, Medium or Mini. So you can find the one that is JUST RIGHT!

In our case, since lil Miss. Whitney Boo is only 2, so she was a mini size gal! 

(Shown with the Charmed bustle skirt by Fancy Schmancy)

If I would have thought ahead I would have made ours reversible.. pretty on both sides, but I didnt! There's my first tip for you! Once she "dripped" her icecream down the front, it was over!
Turns out Barbie is a messy eater......

Ours is boring inside, so once I flipped it inside out, it was just plain vanilla white, BORING! 

 WELL, wait... maybe its not so boring inside, once you consider the contents.....
Barbie, mermaid, birthday girl ribbon, flashlight, rubber fish, hockey puck, necklaces, princess wand and poker chips.. aka "Gold De Balloons from Jake and the never pirates"... Oh and a plastic chicken and a french fry! ALL of that fit in the MINI purse!

On the PLUS side, if there is a mishap, it washes up well....

 hahahah! She really went for it! After all that, it went for a spin in the washer and came out as good as new!

This bag is totally customizable. You can add all different kinds of embellishments and/or trims to give it just the look you want. There are detailed instructions for each size bag all included in one pattern. You can add inside pockets as well as outside pockets and there's even instructions on how to make and add a key strap! The designer really has thought of everything! Its all well written and so easy to understand that even a beginner could create this flawlessly. To prove that theory, I called in my bored, out of school for the summer   resident beginner... beautiful daughter Natalie!

She's a 9 year old beginner and after reading over the pattern she was on her way creating this beautiful one of a kind purse for her baby sister!

She even had the idea to use a decorative stitch to sew on the pockets to give it even more of a personalized look!

So far the Pros are:
*totally customizable with any fabric choices or trims your heart desires
*three different size options in one pattern
*Pattern so well executed that a beginner can make it with confidence
*Oh and don't forget.... washer friendly :) 

*HIGHLY addictive to make! 
No seriously though, I have no cons!

I'm not sure if its because it's totally awesome or because she got to choose all of the fabrics herself, but this is now Whitney's go to bag! She loves it and totes it everywhere!

The next one I make will be a Large size that she can take on overnight trips to grandma's house! I'm thinking that the wide top band would be a great place to embroider her name!  The one after that I am making for me... maybe a mommy and me.... and the one after that will be a diaper bag shower gift! I can coordinate the fabrics to match the nursery theme and the baby's name embroidered on the band! OH the ideas keep coming and coming...

What will you make???


Melissa, I love your bag... and here is are some adult versions too... so many options, so little time!!!!