Cowl Neck Tee by Designs By Moo

Hello dear readers... today we bring to you more selfish sewing in the form of the new Cowl Neck Tee by Designs by Moo.  It is great enough when you find a great comfortable women's pattern, and even better when it is a such an easy sew!  This pattern is for EVERYONE coming in sizes XS-XXXL.  Designs by Moo is giving one of our readers the chance to win TWO patterns of their choice from the shop - how fun is that! 

  • This review was completed by a 3rd party objective reviewer who received a complimentary copy of the pattern in order to complete the review. Neither Pattern Revolution nor the reviewer received any additional compensation for this review.

Now here is Melissa to show you how great the Cowl Neck Tee is for Mom's... but be wary, your teen just might try to steal it from you! 


I'm Melissa, mom of 4 kids, and woman behind the scenes at Sassy-Fras.  I've been sewing for long enough that I don't want to say a number, as it'd make it impossible to continue in my delusion that I'm 20-something ;) I'm also a lucky lady who was able to review the Designs by Moo Cowl Neck Tee. A comfy, stylish tee plus a reason to sew for myself - total bonus!

The pattern includes sizes XS-XXXL all in one pattern, with sizes nested on the pattern sheets. I'll admit to sometimes being a reluctant pdf user. I was not a fan of puzzles as a child, and I still am not. Patience is a virtue, but not one I possess, sadly!  Designs by Moo obviously feels for me & not only do her pattern sheets have clear markings, making it obvious how much to overlap, but each page is also labelled AND there is a chart that shows you how to assemble the pages. Whew! No guessing, no puzzles.

The pattern also is great for those with limited time - a quick sew (naptime!) but with options to make it more involved if you wish. Another bonus is that the pattern specifically tells you which view is easiest/quickest & which is more challenging. For those new to knits, or sewing in general, the waistband & kimono sleeves gets the easiest rating and would be suitable for a beginner, or a more experienced seamstress who is knit-phobic. There are two options for sleeves (kimono & split) and option of hemmed or waistband bottom, making the pattern have more bang for the buck. Even with the more involved options, this pattern is suitable for a beginner+.

My favorite feature? The concise page of abridged directions. Again, for those with little patience (ahem, me), short on time, or who are more experienced in sewing. What it means is that instead of having to read many pages, all directions are summarized on ONE PAGE (which could also easily be printed & kept with your pattern). Groundbreaking!  The designer also provides directions to alter the pattern if one's measurement doesn't fit the size charts (more than just lengthen/shorten) which is very handy.

Did I mention flattering & versatile? Here is the shirt on my 18 year old (typically wears a medium)

And on a "mom body".

The one problem I had with following the pattern was reading and starting at the beginning. I was making the Kimono version, and could not figure out why the directions called for me to leave part of the shoulder open. I read, and re-read, and apparently needed a blinking sign to point out I was following the Split sleeve directions & needed to turn to later in the pattern for the Kimono directions. Once I found that page, very quick sew.

Next problem - my conversation with the teen went from "Honey, will you please put this on" to "Ok, thanks. Now give me my shirt back....seriously!" I will be checking her luggage before she heads off to college! (a promise to make her one got my shirt back). Moms of teens beware - guard this shirt or make a spare for the teen!

Quick, comfy & stylish! What more could a girl want? (ok, a pattern that did the dishes would be cool, but until that day, a great shirt will have to do!)


I love this top and need to make one for ME!  You can see how cute this top is in stripes too from our other reviewer Nicole!