Explorer Skirt by Hey There Threads


Today I'm reviewing the Explorer Skirt by Hey There Threads. It's the debut pattern for Australian designer Kathryn Green.  Kathryn is extending ALL of our readers 20% off with the discount code: EXPLORER !!!  I did receive a copy of the pattern for free in exchange for an honest pattern review. The first time I saw this skirt pop up in my Facebook newsfeed, the ad said something about the skirt being for little ladies on the move. Well, I have one of those, a two year old who does not sit still for even a minute! The simple, clean lines of the skirt appealed to me, and I really loved the modern feel of the design, but like most anyone else, I was a little reluctant to try a pattern from someone who is brand new to publishing PDFs. Well, have no fear ladies...this pattern is top notch!


The skirt features a simple flat front and elasticized back. It has really fun front pockets, the kind that toddlers love to store little treasures in (note to self...check pockets before doing laundry). It hits just above the knee and is the perfect skirt for play!


This is her first piece of clothing with real pockets, can you tell?  She's pulling the skirt right off trying to figure out just how those things work. 


Oh look, there's something I can put in my pocket, a flower! 


It was a bit difficult getting my little Explorer to hold still for pictures, as usual, I ended up chasing her around the yard.  


I think this was one of the fastest things I've ever sewn. And really, I love that. If I can walk away from naptime feeling like I actually accomplished something, I'm a happy woman. I actually could have made two or three of these during her nap, and I probably will do that next time, as this skirt will definitely be a staple in our closet from now on. 

Here are some of my favorite things about the pattern: 

  • The tutorial is only 9 pages long. LOVE THAT! Instructions are clear and concise. Author is witty, but not so much that it becomes annoying.
  • It does include fabric requirements, tools, supplies right up front. 
  • It has a both a body measurement chart and finished garment measurement chart
  • It shows you a map of how to tape the pieces together (10 pages total, with AWESOME triangles to help get the perfect alignment) 
  • It is VERY beginner friendly
  • It shows how to lay out pattern pieces for cutting


If I were to change anything about the pattern it would be: 

  • Include the pattern pieces in the same file as the tutorial. I know, it's a matter of personal preference, some people love them separate, I just have a hard time keeping track of files, so having them together is easier for me. 
  • Designer uses metric measurements. Provides inches sometimes, but not always throughout the pattern. I'm an inch girl. And I'm lazy. So lazy that I don't want to have to download the conversion app on my phone or memorize common metric equivalents. Lame, I know....
  • The hem/waistband finish. I'm a no exposed raw edge kind of seamstress. Yes, I know almost all store bought clothes are made this way, but I really have a hard time not turning under that serged edge for a cleaner look. Easy fix though, so not sure it is really worth complaining about! 

Uh oh! All adventures must come to an end, and as you can see, our little exploration of the yard did not end well. Good thing this is an easy care garment, no ruffles to iron after the wash! Seriously, this is a great pattern! Snatch it up!

Make sure to head on over to the Hey There Threads shop and receive 20% off with the code EXPLORER. 

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