Funky Mister Shorts by Puppy Dog's Tails Patterns

Happy Wednesday, today we are taking a look at the Funky Mister Shorts by Puppy Dog's Tails Patterns.  What a fun shorts pattern with some great details and chances for customization!  It is starting to get cold here in the North East, but I have these on my 'short' list to sew up for my boys next spring.  But if you are in a more sothern-ly location and summer is on it's way... grab these up, you are going to want them for all your boys for the warm months ahead.  Puppy DOg's Tails is offering 20% OFF with the code: 

REVOLUTION20  - how great!!!!!


  • This review was completed by a 3rd party objective reviewer who received a complimentary copy of the pattern in order to complete the review. Neither Pattern Revolution nor the reviewer received any additional compensation for this review.


Now Here is Katie to share her adorable review with us.... 


It's hard to find new and different patterns for boys, right? Especially for the older boy; my boys are 5 and 7, so no more rompers and cutesy overalls for us. My 5 year old love, love, LOVES when I make him something, which doesn't happen very often. So, when I saw the Funky Mister pants come up for review, I did a little happy dance. Oh wait, no - I actually went fabric shopping. Like I needed a reason.

This is a pretty cool pattern. It's got features that make it a great pattern for an older boy - like the longer length, and the neat back detail that kind of looks like board shorts. 

You can also cutesy it up with the right little-boyish fabric, and the cuffs that can also be rolled up. It's hard to find shorts especially that are unique and different, and these ones are. Here's what's awesome about the pattern:
  • It's got plenty of options. You can add a drawstring or not, pockets or not, and have shorter or longer pants depending on whether you fold up the cuff or not. I like options, and all those different pieces (back panel, legs, and pockets) allow for a lot of fun fabric combinations.
  • It's got a few pages to print for the pattern pieces and one listed measurement (for the rectangular cuff). They are all clearly marked with letters and squares that line up, so it's idiot proof (because sometimes I am the idiot that prints everything out and starts cutting and not paying attention, which can lead to a pattern piece jigsaw puzzle.)
  • Every step is described well with lots of pictures to follow along with.
  • Measurements are provided for both fabric requirements and finished measurements, in both centimeters and inches. She's got you covered.
  • It's pretty beginner friendly, I'd call it beginner+. The pockets might add a little bit to the difficulty level (and the buttonhole that you would need to add for the drawstring option), but she explains it well and they come together pretty quickly and easily.

A couple quick things:
  • The options are added on to the end of the instructions. This is probably personal preference, but when I had to go add the pockets (and she used a pretty cool technique I haven't done before), I kept having to go back and forth. I thought I knew what I was doing with the pockets, and would go back up to where I left off, and then forget something. And if you ever gloss over the instructions instead of reading them from start to finish and preparing yourself like you should (I would never do that I almost always do that), then you might miss a crucial step after it's too late. Been there. So, it's my personal preference.
  • They only go up to a size 5. After making these, I thought they would look really cool on my 7 year old as well. I was picturing the boys wearing matching outfits to school, and suddenly loving each other, but then remembered they were a little guy pattern. 

I keep calling them the Dude Shorts in my head, because he looks like such a little dude in these pictures. Did you notice he never took his hands out of his pockets? It has been my experience that all kids love pockets. And no, I didn't tell him to do this because he looks like super cool-guy. These are great shorts, that I am sure he will be wearing to school tomorrow. You definitely need to make some Funky Misters for the little guy in your life!