Bova Coat by Apple&Fig

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So, I live in the North Eastern part of the US - here, the air is getting crisp, the temperatures are cooling down, and the time is ripe for apple picking and digging out the fall/winter wardrobe.

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 In looking through my boys clothes, it quickly dawned on me that while my skinny twin will still fit in his coats from last year, his slightly beefier brother will not.  Thus beginning the hunt for some great new coat patterns for him.  I was sooooo excited to have the opportunity to review the Bova Coat by Apple & Fig - this coat is adorable and 100% boy.  It has great details including welt pockets, button tabs, and bias tape finished facings.  These are the special touches that not only make the garment grab your attention and go 'WOW', but are also the things that give the professional finish I crave in my children's wardrobe. (*read to the bottom for an exclusive discount!)

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As an intermediate pattern, this is not one to delve into with bleary eyes or only 1 hour to sew.  But, it IS a project that anyone can handle with a pinch of patience and a double dose of taking things slow and reading the pattern - with great illustrations and step by step instructions, you too can create this coat for your kiddos! 

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The only step I found complicated at all was the side welt pocket - I wish this section had photos so that I could have more easily kept track of which fabric was going where... but once I figured it out and sewed up the first, the second was a breeze!

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The Info: 

  • Skill Level: Intermediate (based on facings, welt pockets, and collar construction)
  • Size Range: 1y-6y  *I really hope they end up doing extended sizes on this - I would love to be making these for years to come!!!!
  • Fit: I made the 4 for my line backer of a 2.5 year old.  He has room for a sweater and to grow taller.  Based on his chest measurement, I 'should' have made him the 6... but mama's intuition kicked in and I knew that my Store Brand 3t wearing barrel chested hulk didn't need a 6.  I decided to size up based on his height and go with a 4.  This is one of those areas where you just know how clothes fit your child. *If you are looking to sell these, I would look at all the measurements and use your judgement.
  • Printing: Prints in color (I actually prefer the dash dot dash lines since I print everything in black and white... but everyone has their own preference) The Pattern pieces are nested and print on 15 pages.
  • Instructions - Detailed with lots of tips, tricks, and options for finishing the facings with either bias tap or turned hems.  This pattern does not require a serger.  The illustrations are detailed and help with the construction process... but I probably am more used to photographs in PDF patterns.
  • The Results.... well, I think the pictures speak for themselves!  I love this coat!!! 
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Now Here is Crystal with her more in depth Review and adorable take on this great coat...



Hello everyone!  My name is Crystal and I blog about all of my sewing ventures and fun times over at Ginger Dimples. I’m so excited to be reviewing the Bova Jacket by Apple & Fig for you.  This pattern is rated by A&F as “intermediate”.  Is that a challenge?  I accept!  I consider myself an intermediate seamstress as I have a firm grasp on the basics and a hold of the not so basics, so this was a good project to test my skill level with. I took a deep breath and began pinning. 
P.S. I apologize for the creased fabric.  These stupid creases wouldn't go away!  I just have to wash the darn thing to make them disappear.  
The Difficulty level Apple & Fig gives is definitely on the money.  I’d say that this is a pattern for the concentrated intermediate seamstress.  There are a few things that aren't really hard to do, but if you’re not paying attention (because you're changing diapers, feeding the flies we call “children”, prying said children off of the table, giving time-outs and then sewing at midnight because you spent all day controlling the chaos), you can find yourself making mistakes you wouldn’t have made if you were completely concentrated.  Give yourself some quiet time…you deserve it. The pictures are wonderful and the instructions are clear.  You've got this. 
Now, I’m going to go ahead and talk about the real important part:  Cute factor!  This has a cute factor of eleventy bazillion and a cool factor of 85 gazillion- those are the official numbers, well, my official numbers. Everything about this jacket lured me in.  There are so many amazing details outside and inside.  It is mostly lined, but the finishing is what really gives this a special something inside.  You are given the option to use bias tape to bind your seams and have a finished and professional look.  It adds a little more time to the project, but it adds a lot of special, as well.  Handmade is all about making things special, remember.  The outside is full of details, too.  The welt pockets, the tab closure, the stand-up collar, the lined sleeves/ cuff, and the split back panel all come together to pull off the military style design.  The only change I made was a minor change of making my top stitching doubled.  I just love the look of a double line top-stitch.  This jacket has a very Beetles vibe to it; “ it’s so Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” as my pal, Terri,  put it.  I’m a big fan of the aesthetic!
^^^Don't you just LOVE his "rock star up all night" look?^^^
Time commitment for me was about 4 hours from cut to finish.  I added all of the little details and options and took a lot of care and ridiculous perfectionism in the outcome of this jacket.  I did some of that un-concentrated sewing which added some time, but I cut that out of my calculation because now that you’ve been told to concentrate, you will, right? 
Sizing and fit: this pattern comes in sizes 1-6 which are distinguishable on the pattern by color- so much better than dashed lines in my opinion.  Was that dash-dash-dot or dash-dot-dash that I’m cutting? Color=better.   If there’s ever an expansion in sizes, I’m all over it.  This style is cool for boys (or girls) of every age and the fit was perfect!  I measured my little guy’s chest at 19.5” while he wiggled and squirmed.  The size 1 chest measurement for the Bova is 20.5”.  The coat is a smidge large on my dude, which totally coincides with the pattern measurements.  Make sure always to go with measurements over size number.  My son is a size 18 months-24 months right now and the size 1 based on measurements was perfect.  He’ll be able to wear this all winter, methinks.
I only ran into one hiccup with this pattern and that was with my button tabs. The pattern gives 2 options on how to approach these based on the thickness of the fabrics you use.  I chose to turn in the ends of my tabs (second option) because I was using corduroy and interfacing, but the top-stitching in the previous step made it a little wonky.  It still looks good to everyone else, but I see the imperfections.  If you share that kind of crazy with me, you understand.  On my back tab, I did the OTHER option and got a perfect finish. The tutorial isn’t to blame on this…just my choice! I just thought I’d share the experience so you know which one to go with.
Overall, I would have no problem recommending this pattern to a friend and I would be proud to sew  more of these jackets as gifts and would ENJOY doing so.  Sewing should be challenging, produce an excellent result but, most importantly, bring you some fun times!  This pattern facilitates that perfectly.  In short, your fall/winter sewing wouldn’t be complete without the Bova Jacket Pattern by Apple & Fig!


If you need a coat for the cool months ahead, I highly suggest you check this one out.  Take advantage of the discount code: PREVME  for 25% off the Bova Coat now through October 17th.  And check out the Apple and Fig Facebook Group to upload your creations and to get support and encouragement as you create a special coat for one of the littles in your life!