The Bond Top by Beatnik Kids Patterns

Today we are bringing you a fun pattern from a new designer (and not so new Blogger).  Beatnik Kids is the brain child of Stacey from Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts; and if you have ever read her blog you will know that she is a genius of boy sewing and style.  The Bond Top is her first release and promise many great things to come from this designer.  

I love that this pattern combines both Knit and Woven fabrics providing many fun combinations of pattern, color, and texture.  While this pattern is created with a boy aesthetic in mind, I can completely see this on a girl as well. With a size range of 2t-8, I have a feeling this pattern will become a staple in my own sewing for all three of my kiddos!  

Here is Crystal from Ginger Dimples to share her review of the Bond Top.  Read all the way to the bottom and enter to win your own copy of the pattern!


Hey guys!  It’s Crystal from Ginger Dimples again here to review another boy pattern for you.  I am in Las Vegas(because that’s where I live), and I’ve been meaning to review a pattern that would give me the opportunity to rub this beautiful, mid-60’s weather in your snowed-in faces.  I’m not cruel, though.  In about 2 months it will be in the 80’s and in about 4 months it’ll be somewhere around the million degree range and I will lose any ability to weather brag.  So enjoy this little pattern oasis post.

This time, the Pattern Revolution team asked me to review The Bond Top by Beatnik kids.  It’s a mix of knits (for the body & sleeves) and woven (for the bib and collar) fabrics which makes for a pretty cool effect.  The knit makes it easy to hula, laze about it the beautiful sun while the woven keeps it structured for that “I’m a little bit party and a little bit business” look. 

The pattern is labeled as an intermediate pattern and I’d have to agree, but not because of the knit.  The button placket can be a little tricky and requires some finesse.  Other than that, it’s a quick sew with a cute and comfy outcome!  The instructions are clear and the extra tips and tricks are always a useful addition to a pattern.  The pattern itself is done in color, but is easy to decipher if you print in black & white like I do...because I’m cheap.  It all fit together perfectly, without any issues. this weather I’m having.

As far as style, it’s a ¾ sleeve and falls at a nice casual length.  The sizing was right on!  It fits my boy like a glove and he has plenty of room to wiggle & jiggle and run away from me (in the beautiful weather) while I try to take pictures. The size range is 2T-8, so all little boys can wear this to picnics and to fly kites, and ride bikes and to lay on blankets and look at clouds.

If this style fits your little island boy’s taste and you’re looking for a wardrobe builder for him, this is the top for you!... especially if you have perfect weather. Ok, I think this party's over.

Happy Sewing,