Small Fry Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads

There is something about sewing pants for my little ones that always makes me happy - not quite as happy as sewing coats, but happy none-the-less.  You see pants in my house get worn over and Over and OVER, and there is nothing better than seeing your adorable kidlets running around day after day in something you lovingly made for them.  

Today we are reviewing the Small Fry Skinny Jeans from Titchy Threads.  You can get 15% off today through 1/28 with the code: SMALLFRY15.  AND you can enter to win your very own copy below - if the winner has already purchased the pattern, they will be refunded with proof of purchase!

Here are Nichole and Crystal to show off their takes on this classic pattern that works for both girls and boys....

  • This review was completed by a 3rd party objective reviewer who received a complimentary copy of the pattern in order to complete the review. Neither Pattern Revolution nor the reviewer received any additional compensation for this review


Hey there!! I'm Nichole, sew at home mom to two kiddos. I jumped at the chance for this review because lets face it..this pattern is completely adorable!! And I had never sewed jeans before, so I thought I would branch out from my normal stuff and give it a try. So glad I did..and you will be too!

This pattern delivers an extremely professional looking pair of skinny jeans. I was really quite leery because any jeans I've ever seen sewn before, well, lets just face it....they looked homemade. Not these babies...they are awesome. All thanks to the super detailed, picture packed pattern that is the Small Fry Skinny Jeans. 

My daughter is pretty tiny for her 3 year old self. Most skinny jeans I buy for her aren't very skinny at all. They sag in her bottom and are either huge in the waist or too short. Never just right. Until now. 

See? Look at that fit!! Totally customizable too!! Here is a quick run down of why I LOVE this pattern..

  • Great print out...only 9 pages to tape together..(I did smaller sizes not sure about bigger sizes)
  • Very detailed steps with pictures. But not too wordy. Perfect.
  • Extremely professional finish
  • Personalized fit...I made size 12/18 months in waist and 3 in length. Perfect for my girly. 
  • Two different options to follow through out the stitching/no top stitching..zipper/no zip..two different front pocket styles, flat felled seams or not. You decide!! ( I made a faux pocket, because my daughter doesn't love pockets.
  • Adjustable elastic insert an option..(I didn't do this because I did a custom fit and thought I could skip it..worked nicely without the elastic too)
There is literally nothing I didn't enjoy about this pattern. Although I will mention two things that you may take into consideration.
  • These did take me an afternoon to make. Nothing horrible, but not super quick sew. Completely worth it. 
  • I had to sew a manual buttonhole because my automatic buttonhole wouldn't work with the belt loop in the way. This may not be an issue for everyone. And it isn't even an issue, I was able to do one regardless, just not as quickly. ;)
Over all I think you will love this pattern. If you don't want them so fitted, like mine here, they don't have to be. I was going for a very fitted, jegging type look. I also didn't use top stitching thread, but I did use a stitch on my machine that gives it that same look. :) And again, I added a faux pocket panel instead of the two pocket options in the pattern. 

OH OH OH! I forgot to mention...these were upcycled from an old pair of jeans I had!! Can't beat that!! These puppies were totally $0 cost for me to make. 

Sorry for the picture overload, but I just had to share them all because there are so many details that I just love about them. 

Fit perfectly into her (okay mine) favorite boots!!

Don't ya love that top stitching?!

Those there are skinny jeans, folks. 
Add your own detail to the back pockets!

I didn't do a zip because of the smaller size.

Faux Pockets

Just more fun detail!!

Try and pretend you can't see my blue marker on that fly..thank you. 

One quick polar-vortex-freezing-outside-running-through-the-snow-in-my-new-Small-Fry-Skinny-Jeans pic! 


Hey guys! I'm Crystal form Stitched by Crystal here to share my review of the Titchy Threads Small Fry Skinny Jeans with you!

I am so excited about these jeans!  I have been sewing for a long time, over 20 years now, but in all those years I never even dreamed of making jeans.  But I did, and check them out...

These jeans are awesome!  They have such a professional finish, complete with a back yoke, belt loops and flat felled seams.  You would never guess they are handmade when you see them on my daughter. 
These jeans have a hip skinny cut but are comfortable for my daughter to move around and even climb at playground in.  Oh and did I mention they look adorable on her!


These jeans have lots of options.  You can make full length jeans or shorts length, there are options for inset pockets or patch pockets on the front, a half fly or zip fly, 2 different ways to sew the waistband.  I chose the full length, half fly, with the inset pockets.
They need to have a bit of stretch, think stretch demin or stretch twill.  I upcycled an old pair of my jeans to make these.  They are a bit long on my shorty, but I like the look of them cuffed at the bottom and now she has some growing room.

Let me tell you about all the awesome stuff you need to know about these jeans...
  • The pattern is easy to assemble and can be printed in color or in black and white.
  • Tons of pictures that make instructions easy to follow
  • 64 pages of detailed tutorial and a cheat sheet with condensed instructions you can print for reference.
  • There is a size chart and finished garment measurements so you can get a perfect fit.  There are even tips for adjusting the pattern pieces if you need to so they are just right.
  • Both Metric and Imperial measurements are included
  • Tips for topstitching for a professional finish.
  • Comes in sizes 0-3 months - 3T and 3-12.
  • There is extra diaper room in the smaller sizes.
  • button elastic in the waist makes them adjustable.
  • If you want to try them out or peak at the pattern, she has the for FREE in size 2T, you can find them HERE
I love it when a pattern teaches me new things.  This was my first doing flat felled seams and a half fly, the pattern walked me through all the steps and it was easy peasy.  I also followed a link in the pattern to a tutorial and learned how to make my own button hole elastic.  I had no idea it was that simple, I will never buy that stuff again!

The only downside is that they are time consuming to sew.  It took me about 2.5 hours to complete, but I feel like that is to be expected when you are sewing jeans!  
Overall this is a great pattern, I will use this pattern over and over again to sew jeans for both my son and daughter!