Uptown Girl by Ruby Jean's Closet

Today we are sharing an adorable little dress with the best accessory attached.  If your little ones love purses, they will love this purse that can't fall off!  With a size range of 12m - 9/10y and options for short or long sleeves, you will get quite a bit of use from this pattern.

Check out our Valentines version HERE, and keep reading about Ellen's version - a sure herd favorite!

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Hi everyone, I'm Ellen from ellzabelle and today I have the pleasure of sharing an adorable dress by Ruby Jean's Closet with you.  The Uptown Girl Dress is a showstopper and sure to grab the heart of any little girl.

Wow, it even it caught the cow's eye! Must be a keeper.

My daughter had a blast modeling this dress in our Colorado backyard.

This pattern is a great one.  It's 36 pages, with 20 of them printable pattern pages.  I would say it's a beginner pattern and takes a few hours (of course it didn't take me this with all the added mom interruptions).  It come in sizes 12m-9/10!  I love a wide range of sizes for my growing daughter.  It features an A-line dress with 3 sleeve options (sleeveless, short, long), a ruffle at the neck, and a purse that's really a POCKET!  It's like magic!!!! 

My daughter actually surprised a few people who thought the purse was actually a real purse.  Her P.E. teacher didn't think it was attached and wanted her to take it off for gym class.  So funny!
Check out this secret purse pocket! Oh, and "HI COWS!"

Ruffled collar
Back has button closure-nice and easy!
Purse close up

Each step in the pattern has a clear photo.  This is key and a must in my opinion.  This pattern does not disappoint.  There are charts for fabric requirements and also for finished garment measurements.  I made a size 6 sleeveless dress for my petite 6 year old and it was a perfect fit.  I like it to have enough room so she will be able to wear it awhile while not looking huge on her.  This was perfect.  

There is a step that calls for hand stitching.  You whip stitch inside the collar.  I didn't mind this at all.  It's good practice and relaxing to me to sew by hand once in a while.  

The sleeves if you choose to make them include making a casing and using elastic, so might be and advanced beginner for that, but still very doable!  The sleeves are gathered and a bit puffy.  There are photos on the pattern if you're interested.  I loved pairing the sleeveless dress with a long sleeve for winter so she can wear this year round!  Tights or leggings underneath and she's ready to go.

My daughter loves the cheetah fabric and I think it looks sweet and modern and simple but with THAT PURSE!!!!!  I used ribbon for the purse straps but ric rac is also recommended in the pattern.  The pattern pieces clearly mark where the ric rac/ribbon go.

My only hiccup on the whole thing was that I didn't read everything before I started piecing the paper pattern together.  I cut to line it up but if I had read, there is no cutting when joining, just butting up edges together.  This is the first pattern I have every used that did this and it was great, just not something I was used to.  Quick fix since I caught it early. 
I know this will be a go to dress for my daughter.  It makes her happy as you can see.  I love that this dress is unique with the side purse pocket.  It is a very well written and easy pattern to follow. 

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Till next time..... Ellen