Charlie Mac-a-Doodle by Burlap Button

Today we are sharing a pattern that check off a great many boxes on my 'favorite things' list.  Knit: Check, versatile: Check, works with Upcycling: CHECK!

My amazing reviewers had to open my eyes to the awesomeness that is Burlap Button.  Today we are looking at the combinations you can create by combining the Charlie Mack A Doodle and the Tummy Topper Layering Tee.  You can get these two patterns bundled together or buy just one.  If you buy the Bundle right now in the ETSY SHOP, you can save $1.50 with the code: PatternRevolution

Check out the cuteness from Trisha and Kara, showing off their daughters' creativity and personalities while wearing clothes they can really play in.....


My daughter is a total girly girl and loves to wear dresses.  However, all the frilly dresses aren't really practical for every day wear.  She's been asking me to make her some comfortable knit dresses, so I jumped at the chance to review the Charlie Mack-A-Doodle Dress and Tummy Topper Layering Tee by Burlap Button.

The Charlie Mack-A-Doodle dress is a cute sleeveless dress with a drop waist and super twirly skirt.  You can do a full circle skirt, or a 2/3rds skirt if you want to save on fabric.  Both are included in the pattern.  The Tummy Topper shirt is a nice form fitting shirt with several different sleeve options,  many that you can combine.  Since it is still winter here, I decided to do a long sleeve version of the Tummy Topper, and added the flutter sleeves to it.  Instead of a cuff, I added a sleeve ruffle, which is not in the pattern, but one of the suggestions she offers for ways to add to it.  When you combine the two patterns, you get this awesome dress.  My daughter wore it for 3 days in a row and did not want to take it off.  I think that means she likes it.

 See that face?  That is her excitement face over how awesome this dress is.  I mean, what's not to love?  It twirls amazingly, fits great, is made of knit so it's super comfortable, and has My Little Pony's on it.  Speaking of the graphic, this dress is perfect for making upcyles using different t-shirts.  The directions to use a graphic is included in the pattern.  It can be a bit intimidating the first time you do it, because there aren't specific measurements.  That's because every graphic is different sizes, so you'll need to piece the fabric so it's big enough to cut out the front bodice.  That might mean that you have to add a top panel, as I did, or that you'll add small size panels one time, and large ones another time.  Don't worry!  You can do it!  Just don't forget to account for seam allowance when deciding how big to cut your pieces.

She is totally giving me sass in this picture!  I'm going to be in trouble when she's a teenager.

I was totally cracking up when I was reading through the instructions because Kristi talks to you like you are right there.  One of my favorite quotes from the patterns is "Little tiny sleeve holes will make you say dirty
words when trying to hem them in the round, BUT it’s your choice."  Her humor made reading a pattern quite enjoyable.

If you are the type of person who doesn't like or doesn't need a lot of words to make a pattern, there is a quick guide at the end of the Charlie Mack-A-Doodle dress.  I love having those after I read through, just to remember what step is next without having to scroll through the whole thing.  Especially if I'm looking at the instructions on my phone while sewing.

There is also the Mack-A-Do doll dress pattern for 18" dolls available.  My daughter wants me to get it so she can have a matching dress for her American Girl doll.  I may just have to do that and surprise her with it.

Overall, I have to say I think these are a great couple of patterns.  There are so many different options that it would be easy to make several dresses with slightly different looks.  My daughter is already requesting a few more for her.  The fit was great too.  My daughter is tall but skinny, so according to the size chart in the pattern she needed a 6/7 for the top, but I did the 8/9 for length and it fit her wonderfully.  The top is snug, but not tight.  It gives her a bit of growing room and allows her to move quite comfortably.  It sewed up quite quickly.  It took me longer to decide what fabrics to use than it did for me to sew it.  

I can definitely see several more of these in my future.  

Pattern Review:  Charlie-Mac-A-Doodle Dress by Burlap Button

by Kara Orr

When I got the chance to review this pattern, my hand went up first to volunteer.  I couldn't wait to make on for my "little".  I've never made an upcycle before so I was excited to try my hand at the Charlie-Mac-A-Doodle.

To make this particular dress you need to have both the Charlie-Mac-A-Doodle and the Tummy Topper Tee.  Not to worry, they come in a bundle!  So you will be able to make a tank dress, tee shirt, and this dress.  The Charlie-Mac-A-Doodle pattern gives you several sleeve options to add to the dress.  Size range is 18m-8/9.

Twirl factor is very important to my "little", probably to most!  There are options to make a full skirt or 2/3 skirt.  I chose to make the 2/3 skirt and you can tell the twirl factor is still great.

This is a very easy sew, especially if you are comfortable with knit.  I used a serger for construction and that made it go together quickly and easily.  No need to worry if you don't have a serger, there are helpful instructions if using a regular sewing machine.  If you have never used knits before, this is a good way to start (especially with the tank dress).

 Actual pattern pieces are included in the pattern.  Instructions for construction are given in two forms.  You can choose to follow paragraph form or the "quick" version.

I followed the "quick" version.  I need visuals to process, so the paragraph form was overwhelming for me.  Everyone learns in a different way, so it is nice that you can choose the directions to follow.

My good friend over at Chasing Mermaids makes a precious version of this dress.  When I saw her dresses, I knew I had to make one.  Take a look at the cover photo on her Facebook page.

There are no closures on this dress, it slips over the head.    I also love the different sleeve options on this dress, I chose flutter with long sleeves.

The pattern calls for a band at the waist, as you can see there isn't a band on my dress.  I had a pink band on my dress but when I put it on "little", it was too long.  I should have known to make a shorter version for my extra short "little".

There are instructions on using an upcycle and working with knit fabric.  Hello Kitty is a shirt that belonged to my older daughter and is now too small.  You don't have to do an upcycle though, there are instructions for both.

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