Whitney Pants by Violette Field Threads

VFT outfit-1002a.jpg

I woke up after recovering from the Christmas Holidays and realized I wanted to sew for SPRING.  Yes yes, I realize that we are in the midst of a Polar Apocalypse through most of the greater USofA, but I wanted to sew for spring.  First, I had to figure out what was in for spring - so I turned to my good friend Becca and she helped steer me in the right direction - be on the lookout for her Style Reports this year!

I was struck by the wide leg pants hitting all the runways for Spring - and it hit me that I already own the Whitney Pleated Trousers by Violette Field Threads.  I have been wanting to sew these up for quite a while and this was the perfect opportunity,  I grabbed an old skirt from my stash with the perfect floral print and away I went.

VFT outfit-1001a.jpg

Printing and putting together this pattern is a breeze, but you will be printing quite a bit -these pants are a WIDE leg pant, so be prepared that they eat up fabric and paper, but the results are completely worth it.  You will print 28 pages in B&W.  Each size is clearly marked, but if you are used to different style or color lines to keep track of sizes, you may want to pull our your highlighter or marker to trace the size you want.  Assembly of the pieces is easy with taping templates included in the pattern and clear markings printed on each page for matching the pages up.

The pattern includes size guides and fabric requirement charts to make sure you pick the perfect size and amount of fabric for that size.  There is also an included pattern for making a pleated skirt version, the skirt pieces are given in a measurement chart, so no extra printing to have this second pattern at your fingertips.

VFT outfit-1003a.jpg

On to sewing!  I would call this a beginner pattern - if you have ever made a pair of pants, you are going to be fine making these.  The most complicated part is making your box pleats - make sure your iron is hot and you have pins and marking tools on hand.  If this is your first time with box pleats, go slow and read the instructions - the combination of written instructions and photos  will make sure that you end up with great results.

VFT outfit-1005a.jpg

I made the 2T for my daughter (who wears RTW 2T) and the fit is spot on.  At 20months old,  she still has the toddler belly, so I was worried about the waistband looking good, but I love it!  As she moved and played, it did scooch down a bit, but I think that is partly due to the thinness of the material I was using.  The length on her is spot on.  The Elastic in the back of the waist ensures a comfortable fit.  If I make another pair without a sash, I might create a narrower casing in the back to thread the elastic through - but these are still adorable.

VFT outfit-1006a.jpg

The pattern includes belt loops and a sash that I omitted  to keep a clean look - I may have also run out of upcycked skirt material to get the sash, oops...but I really love the clean look, and it is one less thing for my little one to fiddle with or pull off during the course of the day.

VFT outfit-1008a.jpg

At the end of the day I am so happy with these pants and they have whet my appetite for more spring sewing - but don't worry... I'll be back next week with some slightly more weather appropriate sewing for you ;o)  And now I leave you with baby duck face...

she's actually saying 'I love Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu' - love this girl!

she's actually saying 'I love Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu' - love this girl!