Pumpkin Spice Dolman from Patterns for Pirates

You know that Fall is finally here when you see chili, soup, and all things pumpkin pop up in your social media newsfeeds. You also start seeing warm and comfy clothes, and in the PDF pattern world, the same thing holds true! Let's see what Paige and Rebecca have to say about the new Pumpkin Spice Dolman from Judy at Patterns for Pirates!
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I made the Pumpkin Spice Dolman Top by Patterns for Pirates.  I have made several girl patterns by this designer and was excited to try one of her patterns for women.  When I saw the cover photo, I immediately thought this would be a great comfortable everyday wear top for my teen daughter. 

I learned that if I make something for my daughter and I want her to wear it, it’s best to let her pick the fabric and style she wants.  There are several options included in this pattern.  You have can make a straight bottom or a curved one.  You also have two choices of how to attach the neck binding and you can add patches to the elbow or leave it plain.  My version is the curved hem without the elbow patches and it’s a winner because she likes it. 

Here’s what else is included in the pattern:

*Printable, no-trim pattern pieces for sizes XXS- XXXL

*Measurements for the neck binding

*Charts for sizing, fabric requirements, and finished measurements

*Instructions and color photos to show the sewing steps

I anticipate this top will be worn a lot and I like that I can make one in my size too.  This is a super quick pattern that can be made in under an hour. So head over to Patterns for Pirates and get yourself a copy of the Pumpkin Spice.

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This may sound silly....maybe even a little unbelievable.....but it's the God's honest truth! You ready for this???? This Dolman top is the very first thing that I have EVER made for myself!!! Yup....you heard it here first.....up until today I have never in my life stitched one.single.thing.for.myself!!!! And after making this Dolman for me I am now kicking myself for waiting SO long to sew for me!!! Of course it's not like I have oodles and oodles of extra time available but I am going to make it a point to try to sew a little something for me from time to time!!! It was so much fun AND...I was like a freaking kid at Christmas...I couldn't WAIT to get it finished so I could try it on!!! I now know what my littles feel like when I am making something for them that they are DYING to get into!!!! 

Anyhow....my very first sewing for me pattern was the Pumpkin Spice Dolman from Patterns for Pirates. I loved this top from the moment I saw it! I don't know if it was the cute elbow matches or the stripes or a combination of both that the model is wearing on the cover of the pattern but oh my.....swoon!!! This is a great top for the fall with leggings or skinny jeans and boots or imagine it in the spring with a pair of shorts and dare I say....boots????? I am a boot fanatic and I will wear them with just about everything!!!! For my pictures (which I have to add were taken at an unflattering angle because the only person I have available to take pictures of me is a 9 year old) I decided to go with some skinny jeans and some boots. I really wanted to pair the top with leggings but I currently do not have any....for shame for shame for shame...... hee hee.

This was the first time I have ever used a pattern from Patterns for Pirates, so of course before sewing I read through it in its entirety. I have to say it is pretty quick and to the point which I was thankful for due to my constant state of being in a time crunch. There were pictures throughout the pattern for each step which is very helpful. Not only were there pictures....the pictures were very clear and easy to decipher what was being depicted. So many patterns out there have shotty pictures which can be VERY frustrating! The pattern fit together like a dream and it wasn't necessary to cut...just tape! Talk about saving a little time!!! And I'm pretty sure if you are like me, you are always looking for ways to conserve what little time you have available to you! There is a size chart with measurements. 

I feel that the pattern ran a bit large but I believe that that is the look of the Dolman top. Since I have a weird body type from either A.) having children.... B.) lifting weights.....C.) genetics.....or D.) a combination of all of the above I will go down a size in the next one I make....and yes, there WILL BE a next one!!! This shirt is so roomy and comfy but still comes in at the waist to give it a form fitting look. Another great thing about this pattern is that it ranges in size from XXS to an XXXL....I am going to make one for all 3 of us because I know my littlest little will fit into the XXS!!! How cute is that going to be!??!?! There are different options for finishing the neck as well as different options for the hemline. I chose to do a straight hemline but you can also do the curved hem line which will give the top a little more length. The elbow patches are a super cute addition but you don't have to add them if you don't want to....but why wouldn't you?!?!?! I think they really make the top! 

Over all I absolutely love this pattern!!! I would rate it an intermediate but ONLY because if you have never sewn with knits or if you are newer to sewing with knits there are no tips or tricks in the pattern to help you along. Sewing with knits can be a little intimidating to the beginner and it is always nice to have tips in a pattern on what percentage of stretch the knit should have and what stitches work best when sewing which this pattern does not have. I printed, cut, and put together this Dolman in about an hour. It is a super quick sew with an amazing results! I am for sure going to be putting Patterns for Pirates on my approved designer list! I love the style and how simple the pattern was to construct and the end result is AH-MA-ZING!!!! What are you waiting for!??!?!  Go out and get this pattern right now!!!XOXOXO ~Rebecca~