Triple Layered Cake by Candy Castle Patterns

Today Rebecca reviews a sweet top for girls, the Triple Layered Cake Tunic by Candy Castle Patterns. Even sweeter, we have a coupon code for you for $1 off the pattern. Use code LOVECANDYCASTLE Expiration date 10/23/2014 23:59:59 MST. Enjoy!

I have to admit that my littlest little is about out of the ruffle stage....she says they are too "babyish" for her....but when I saw the Triple Layered Cake Tunic pattern by Candy Castle Patterns I HAD to make it for her!!!! And I am so glad that I did!!!
One of the first things that I look at when pattern shopping is the versatility of the long will it be able to be worn for...can I dress it up or dress it down....can I make each one look different? This pattern checked off all of my "must haves" in a pattern. I love anything that we can wear year round and this can definitely be worn the entire year...wear it alone...wear it with a sweater over it...wear it with a long sleeve shirt can even use seasonal fabrics for the perfect holiday outfit! The length of the tunic is PERFECT! If you wanted to get really crafty and if you are feeling a tad bit on the adventurous side, you could even lengthen the ruffles and make a dress instead of a tunic! The ruffles have the perfect fullness.....I have noticed that sometimes when creating something with ruffles there is too much fabric which causes the piece to be too heavy which causes it to pull the bodice down when being worn. The ruffles on this tunic stand out perfectly.
The bodice has beautiful coverage. I love that it is fuller coverage. When wearing this with nothing underneath it you won't have to worry about seeing any girly parts poking out. I am a pretty modest mamma with what my littles wear, so bodice coverage is always a concern of mine. No worries with this one! The written instructions for this pattern are spot on! They are very well written which is perfect for the beginner sewist but an experienced sewist will also enjoy this pattern because there is not TOO much detail that you have to scan over...just the right amount of information to create the perfect addition to your little's closet! The pictures throughout the instructions are also very clear and easy to decipher what is being depicted. The instructions include charts for size and cutting the ruffle pieces in both inches and centimeters which is a wonderful addition. The overall fit of the tunic was spot on!!! I have used two different patterns from Candy Castle and I have found that they both fit need to alter...pick your size and be confident knowing that it is going to fit!!!
There were a few changes that I made but only for personal preference. I prefer buttons over snaps so we used some cute little brown buttons on the back of the dress. If I were making smaller sizes I would more than likely use snaps just for the ease of the off and on with squirmy little ones...but since my little is not so little anymore I chose to use buttons. We are also not HUGE fans of big bows so I shortened the length of the tie at the waist and tied it in a cute little knot on the front of the dress....once again, these are just our preferences...the tunic looks super cute either way!! In closing....GO GET THIS PATTERN!!! It is adorable!!! Sew a "cake" that your little one will look cute enough in to eat!!! Our flavor of cake was blueberry with raspberry swirl....oh so yummy!!!!  You can not go wrong with this pattern that can be worn year round, that is perfect for any level of sewist, that is written wonderfully, and that fits like a dream!!! Happy Tuesday!!!! XOXOXOXOXO ~Rebecca~