Flutterby Romper by Little Kiwis Closet

I have to admit. In the past I have had two misconceptions about rompers. One, that they are for warm weather, and two, that they are for babies. I'm happy to say that Rebecca's review of the Flutterby Romper from Little Kiwi's Closet has totally turned my stereotypes upside down! I'll turn it over to her and let you read for yourself!

I had the pleasure of doing a review of the Flutterby Romper by Little Kiwis Closet and let me just tell you how much my little LOVED it!!!! She has deemed it her "Elvis Outfit"......hey...it's her world...I'm just living in it!  This was my first pattern that I had the opportunity to sew up by little Kiwis Closet and I'm pretty sure that it is not going to be my last!  

Now.....if you do decide to go out and buy this pattern...which I strongly suggest that you do because it is just fabulous....DO NOT print the entire pattern like I did.....I have a bad habit of just downloading and hitting print....I quickly learned my lesson to glance through the instructions now before hitting that print button!  Because there are a TON of options with this pattern there are lots of pages...but have no fear....on page 3 of the instructions it tells you which pages to print for the options you are wanting....and again...there are LOTS of options!!!  This romper can be made in long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, short sleeve, and flutter sleeves. It can be made in shorts length, wide leg pants with elastic at the cuff, wide leg pants with a traditional hem or you can do tapered pants with a traditional hem...can you begin to imagine how many new outfits you can add to your littles wardrobe with so many different looks with just one single pattern?!?!!?  

Not only can you create so many different looks with just one pattern....this pattern goes from a size newborn to a size 12! Woo hoo...another pattern that will last through the years...and if you have two or more littles you can even do matching sister sets without having to buy more than one pattern to cover all of the sizes that you are needing! Bonus for those thrifty frugal mamas!!! I chose to do the wide leg romper because well...I just love the wide leg look....and apparently so does the little! At first I was going to do the long sleeve option because...well...because it's freaking cold here in Kentucky!!! But then after looking at the options I wanted to make my little's a little different....So I chose to make mine sleeveless so that we could wear it year round. I just left out the elastic and added a casing to the front and the back of the romper. A simple alteration and it adds another option for a pattern that already has tons of options! 

The pattern was easy to tape together and everything lined up perfectly. The fit was wonderful...again...I LOVE the wide leg option!!! And the construction of the pattern was easy to follow and I have to add that I loved the way that the bodice and the bottom portion of the garment are two totally separate pieces.....it gives the romper a more professional look as well as a phenomenal fit! 

This pattern is very well written, easy to follow, and is very appropriate for beginners through experienced sewists! The possibilities are truly endless with this romper!  I know that you are going to love this one just as much as we did! And how could you not....it is just the sweetest thing but can also be made so very fashionably even for the littles that are a little more vocal on their choice of wardrobe like mine is! Happy Friday!!! ~Rebecca~ XOXOXOXOXO