Sew Versatile Reversible A-line Jumper Dress by Ola Jane Patterns

If you're looking for a pattern that can do double duty, look no further! This simple Reversible A-line Jumper from Ola Jane packs a multi-tasking punch by offering a completely reversible design! Extend the life of your holiday outfits by making the reverse side for the next holiday, or just something for everyday.  Let's join Melissa and Kari as they show us the two looks they chose for this sweet dress. And when you're finished ooh-ing and ahh-ing over this Holiday honey, head over to Ola Jane and pick up this jumper pattern for only $5 or buy the combo that includes the Sew Dainty layering top for just $10!!!

Melissa here, from Three Dutch Divas, excited to rave about the Sew Versatile A-line Jumper from Ola Jane!

Tis' the season of the year that all of us sewing mamas are trying to figure out which PDF to buy and create the perfect one of a kind little outfit for our kids to wear for the Holidays! 

Every year at this time I start out planning the perfect outfit. You know, THAT dress!

The dress we will slave over. Everything from the fabric choices to the task of sewing it and the labor of making every touch just right, so they will dazzle everyone with at the Holiday gatherings. 

For me, this is the dress my daughter will wear once, or twice if I'm lucky and then it sits the back of her closet forever!!!! OR, at least until seasons change and I get around to cleaning out all 4 kids closets out........yeah it might be there forever! 

Back to THE dress, Wait.. to clarify, I mean the Thanksgiving dress!

The one we will create to be worn once or twice so we can rack it and start over repeating the same steps above just weeks later for THE Christmas dress!!! This year I have already tackled both obstacles in ONE dress!!!

When given this dress to review, I loved that it was reversible!! They call it versatile, I call it genius! What a solution to the Holiday dress debacle! With two sides, this dress is a perfect to create an adorable Thanksgiving themed dress on one side and Christmas on the other! She is smiling because she loves her Thanksgiving dress and I am smiling because I have a secret hidden under there....  I already have her christmas dress handled!! 


The amazing bonus, my daughter LOVED this jumper!

She was so comfortable, she didn't realize how adorable she looked. I love that the pattern was so well written and easy to create that I got to spend more time planning the design than it took to whip up! The simplicity of this dress is really a canvas for your creativity. I used embroidery designs as a focal point on each side. I also added ric rack trim to one side and a ruffle to the other. 

The pattern comes with nested sizes range from 6mos- 6. It has a pattern piece to add a pocket and instructions for adding a sewn on appliqué and an adorable  "sew big bow".

The possibilities with this dress are really endless! Simple, sweet and versatility you can't beat! 

Kari also made the Sew Versatile Jumper for an everyday look. She used the bow and pocket pieces (included) to create her version of this adorable jumper.

Click the image it purchase Sew Versatile

Click the image it purchase Sew Versatile

Ready to sew? You can find the pattern HERE