Drop Waist Diva

It's always so much fun to see your sewing colleagues and friends branch out and start doing amazing things, like pattern design. We couldn't be more thrilled to introduce you to a pattern from our very own Cassie! The Drop Waist Diva from Little Lizard King is a fun and fabulous little dress for any age and you can really have fun with fabric combinations! Let's catch up with Suzanne and Jeanine as they tell you more.

I will admit that I don't do quite as many reviews as I used to these days - I'm so busy with all the organization for our fun series (like #ottchallenge), pattern design, and of course my own kidlets and their busy schedules.  But, when I saw this pattern pop up in my news feed and realized that our very own Cassie had designed it for Little Lizard King, I pretty much begged to be able to review it!

The drop waist diva is just a perfect dress for girls - with a knit top for comfort and a woven skirt, the opportunities are endless!  This dress easily gets styled up for fancy occasions and styled down for everyday play.


  • Sleeves - long, short, flutter addition, and ruched
  • Skirt - 3 tier, simple gathered.
  • You can easily adjust the length of the top to perfect fit your child
  • *I even think this would be an adorable tunic top with just the first ruffle added!

The neck is a nicely finished banded collar - it fits and lays perfectly!

I just had to have some fun and add a decorative piece for her hair.  I just wrapped her head with a ribbon, tied it in a bow and added a decorative pick that they use on Christmas packages. Adorable! ;o)

You can see how adorable these ruffles are both front and back.  The fit is perfection! This is the size 4 on my daughter who wears a size 4.  I would say that it takes a solid 2 hours to make only because of all the ruffles and ruffle hemming.  And let me just say, a construction point that I LOVE, is that you stabilize the attachment of the skirt to the top with clear elastic!

I really love this pattern, and with...

  • clear instructions,
  • 9 pattern pages to print that include colored and dashed lines to easily select your size, 
  • options to create a variety of looks
  • charts for sizing
  • charts for fabric requirements based on option selected
  • and charts for all the rectangular cutting pieces...

I think you will love this pattern too!!!!


Hey all! Jeanine here once again! With my little model, Cheeks! 

I am so excited to show off the new Drop Waist Diva pattern from Cassie for Little Lizard King.

This cute little dress comes with a lot of great options, tiered ruffle skirt, sleeve flutters, upcycling, sleeve length, and even a sweet bow! 

For my dress I used a french terry knit with good stretch for the top and the floral bottom is a flannel and the polka dot is a cotton woven. I decided to only do the single layer skirt due to the fact that I was using flannel and didn't want my waist connection to go all wonky looking. (This was already a fear thanks to living in the sticks and no clear elastic - but as you can see if you pick a  heavier weighted knit for the top you can do without if absolutely need be).

The instructions are all very clear, with all the options it reads a bit like a choose your own adventure novel, which is nice that you can just skip to the section you need for the options you choose. 

The number of pages to print is nice and low which is great because my oldest actually cried this dress wasn't for her, which i guess means I'll have to print and cut her size now.

I absolutely adore the fit of this dress: the top is just tight enough to show off that adorable toddler tummy but still loose enough for comfort and easy on and off, the neckline binding is sewn on in my favourite way, and the right width for a clean finish, and the flutters!! Oh man, am I happy I choose to do the flutters and bow! 

All the options make this a great all seasons dress and I adore the style! 

Final verdict: A for sure sew! And then sew again!