The Little Multi-Purpose Pouch from Two Pretty Poppets

I don't know about you, but in our house, we are brown baggers when it comes to my son's school lunches. He has several food allergies that keep him from eating the food in the cafeteria. I pack his lunch every day to ensure that he has a safe and healthy lunch and while I love doing it, we use up a lot of plastic and paper that just isn't great for our pocketbooks or the environment. We bought him a great lunchbox this year, and even a little thermos to take soup and chili in on those cold winter days! We haven't used the item in today's review yet, but I love the idea of sewing these up and reusing them, especially since I can make them in any fabric. Cool mom points right there, folks. So why don't I stop babbling and hand it over to Sarah!

Hello again!  This is Sarah and I am here today with a review of the Little Multipurpose Pouch by Two Pretty Poppets.  

I have a mild addiction to reusable baggies and totes, so when I saw those little pouches I jumped at the chance to make them.  I like to use pouches like this for lots of little things; snacks for the kiddos, medicines and lip balms for my purse, I even use larger ones to carry the power cords for my various "i" products when I go on trips.  At any given time, you can find several reusable pouches in my purse filled with various items.  You can never have too many, and now I can make more to feed my need!

This pattern includes 3 sizes of multipurpose pouches and includes three options for closures; velcro top, velcro flap and zipper closures.  I did the zipper closure because I really like those for carrying in my purse.  That way they don't come open accidentally as I am riffling through there.  I use some velcro top ones for my kids snacks as school and they work great, so I will be trying the velcro ones next!

I made one of each size and used PUL for all of them.  I like the PUL because it is durable and easy to use, plus it's great for holding wet or damp items (like strawberries and grapes, some of my favorite things to put in these types of pouches).  Because I used the PUL, I did not line my pouches, although the directions are included to make lined ones.  I would use lining if I were using a lightweight woven cotton, but I didn't think these needed it.  

The directions are thorough and clear and the bags are super simple to sew.  I made my set in about 45 minutes including cutting.  I bought 1/3 of a yard of the fabric from Joanns and I cut 1 full set from each piece.  I probably have enough to cut another full set, so they certainly do not take much fabric.  They would be a great stash buster! I might include a set with some little goodies in them with the teacher gift for my daughters teacher.  Spread the reusable pouch love!

The only con of this pattern is that it is hand drawn.  That actually does not bother me, but I know it matters to some so it is worth mentioning.  Otherwise this is a great little pattern for a really usable and functional item.  I already have another set cut out and will probably make even more as Christmas gifts!

Until next time!