Friendship Dress by Lilac Lane Patterns

I've always heard it said that the best friends are the ones that you can be away from for a time and when you reunite, it's as if you had never been apart. I have been incredibly blessed to have friends like that in my life and I know I cherish them like family! I know for sure that my two best friends and I had occasions where we dressed alike just for the fun of it. Had I known how to use a machine back then, I can guarantee that I would have sewn outfits, too! The Friendship Dress from Lilac Lane Patterns is perfect for matching friends and sisters, while letting them stay little with classic lines. Here's Gloria to tell you more about this versatile pattern.

Ho, ho, ho! It's Gloria from gloriajune, sharing my holiday inspiration with The Friendship Dress by Lilac Lane. This is an A-line pattern, in sizes 2T - 10, with two bonuses: a large sash tied in the back to make a beautiful bow and instructions on how to make your own bias tape!

It's the holiday season, so I am making more seasonal outfits for sisters, Ava & Allison; a tradition I started when Ava was born. When I saw this Friendship Dress up for review, I knew it would be perfect for embellishment – mainly the Christmas Ornament Font that I haven't used yet . . . a perfect way to complement the sisters/friends outfits with each other's fabric.  I love patterns that have space for embellishment -- whether its from my embroidery machine or sewing machine applique.  When you sew your own garments, its much easier to add embellishments before you complete construction, and this pattern is perfect for this reason!

Friendship Dress by Lilac Lane Patterns- Pattern Revolution

The Bias Tape instruction was great. I was pleased with the clear instruction and the results on the dress. I made Ava's bias tape following the instructions and then made Allison's with store bought tape. Both worked well, but I really liked the look of the homemade bias tape.  Ava's dress is hemmed with the handmade bias tape and Allison's hem was finished with a ruffle made from coordinating fabric.  

Friendship Dress by Lilac Lane Patterns- Pattern Revolution

The extra-wide sash tied into a bow in the back is a bonus and gives that surprise to grandma when she sees a touch of elegance to what looks like your everyday dress . . . .

Here's a quick look at the pattern and instructions:

  • 20 pages to print, which includes gridlines and a diagram showing where each page fits together.
  • Height, weight, chest measurement and fabric yardage required are all included in one chart (one chart for inches and another for centimeters).
  • Notions are listed as well as a recommendation for interfacing, together with a glossary of terms the designer uses in this pattern.
  • Instructions to make your own bias tape with photos for each step are included.
  • The back closure is a keyhole which requires a hook and eye or button and loop to close.
  • The instructions are given in clear terms, together with photos and diagrams.
  • A matching Doll Pattern, the Best Friends Doll, is available for purchased separately.

The dress is a fairly quick sew -- the time it takes to make this dress depends on whether you sew the dress with additional embellishments or use a fun print that doesn't need any adornments.  An advanced beginner can tackle this dress and learn a technique that will become a favorite -- the coordinating bias tape.  You can purchase items at a craft store, such as appliques, or beads, or use the 5-minute Flower Pattern that's included to adorn your dresses.  

This dress is a blank canvas waiting for your imagination!

Happy Holidays everyone!
gloria june