The Melanie Dress Pattern for Women By Modkid

Today we are taking a look at the Melanie Tunic/Dress by Modkid Patterns.  This is a comfortable knit pattern that allows you to mix and match two fun fabrics (or more if you want to get wild and crazy!) into an top or dress that is easy to wear and chase kids in.  With a size range of XS to XXL and variations on length and sleeve length this is quite a versatile pattern.

Check out Crystal's Modification to add an extra fun detail to your next Melanie!

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Now here is Sarah to share all about hers.............


Yep, I am doing another women's pattern (EEEK!)  This whole "self care sewing" concept is still pretty new and scary for me, but I am quickly getting on board with it.  Why new and scary? Well, like a lot of women, I struggle with fluctuating weight and feeling self conscious in front of the camera.  However, I am also almost 6 feet tall and struggle to find cute and different clothes that actually fit and flatter me.  I have this awesome ability to sew and, although I love sewing pretty outfits for my girls, I am realizing I could really stand to have a few items outside of my normal yoga pant and T-shirt uniform.  Plus, let's face it, my clothes are better taken care of and more appreciated.  So I figured it was high time I got over myself and to make myself some pretties.

The Melanie has been on my wish list for awhile, so I was excited to tackle it.  Right off I noticed how easy and quick the construction was going to be.  I read through the instructions, they are well written and straightforward, and prepped my pieces.

The pieces are put together by overlapping the shaded areas on the pieces.  They went together quickly and accurately. There are only 6 pattern pieces for the tunic, so laying it out and cutting was also quick and easy.  I was right on a medium for my bust measurement but was a large in my hip measurement.  I decided to go with the large and taper slightly to the medium cutting line in the bust.  In retrospect, I should have just gone with my bust measurement and done the medium.  The cut is roomy enough that I would have easily fit the medium, in fact I ended up taking it in a bit after I tried it on.

The pattern has options for short, elbow and long sleeve lengths, plus tunic or dress length.  I think if I made it again I would leave off the pockets (I don't really need additional bulk in that area) but that was the first thing my daughter noticed and liked about the shirt.  ModKid has a girls version of this pattern as well, so if I ever need a mommy and me, I could pick that up for the girls.

If I was being picky, my only complaint about the pattern would be the 1/2" seam allowance.  Since I sew almost every part of my knit patterns on a serger, I love a 1/4" seam allowance for ease of serging.  Otherwise it is a well written, polished product with a cute result.  I can see this for lazy days and running errands, maybe even as a cute swimsuit cover up for taking the kids to the pool this summer!  

Speaking of kids, I recruited my older daughter (8) to take these pictures of me.  I don't know who laughed more, me or her!  Sewing is a family sport after all.

This would be her choice of pose for mom :) See? The outfit is great for having fun too!

See you soon!