Maggie Dress by Violette Field Threads

Today we are reviewing the new Maggie Dress by Violette Field Threads.  I love the details on this dress - it just speaks to me of Spring and Summer - and when there are FEET of snow covering your town, things that speak of warmer times make you smile.

The Maggie Dress covers sizes 2-16 US and can be made of woven or knit material.  It has a a high low hemline, and the option of a full or slim skirt.  You can also add a band tot he bottom of your skirt in the same fabric or a contrasting fabric - or leave it off and show off those legs.

Trisha is here to share all the details - and I have to say her version is STUNNING!  This is on my list to make asap!


I am so excited to show you the new Maggie Misses dress by Violette Field Threads.  I love this self care sewing as I get all sorts of awesome new clothes.  I learned to sew making my own clothes as a tween, so sewing things for myself is nothing new to me.

I have to say that this was my cursed project.  You know the one where it seems like everything goes wrong and you want to throw it in the corner and not finish it?  Yeah, that was this for me.  But I knew I had to finish it, so I did and I'm so happy that I did because I love it!  To be fair, it was all me and stupid mistakes I made that messed me up, not the pattern itself.  Although sewing the shoulder pieces was a bit tricky to get right.  I was also trying to make this while I had a sinus infection, and ear infection, and conjunctivitis.  Trying to sew while you can't think straight doesn't tend to work out well!

You can make this out of a woven fabric or a knit fabric.  I chose some mystery linen my mom gave me a while ago.  It's not the easiest to work with, which was part of my cursed project problem.  I do love how flowy it is, however.  It will be perfect for spring.

This dress has a lined bodice that has a deep V in the front and the back, which was a little more skin than I like to show, so I added a tank top underneath for modesty.  I wish the back had the option of a higher back like in the little girl's Maggie pattern.

The sleeves are a longer split seam sleeve that I think are adorable!  It's completely different than most patterns out there.  There is also instructions in the pattern for making them shorter if you would like.  

The skirt has a high-lo option, which means it's shorter in the front and longer in the back, as well as the option for making it just one length.  I haven't been a huge fan of the hi-low trend, but this just speaks to me for some reason.  I think it's one of my favorite parts of the dress.

The pattern is extremely easy to customize to your body.  First you pick the size bodice you want according to your chest size.  I think I probably could have gone down a size here, even though my measurements were right on the medium.  Then you pick your skirt width according to your empire waist measurements.  I actually went up a couple sizes because I know my hips are much bigger than my waist, and I wanted to make sure there was room in there for them.  The skirt is gathered and attached to the bodice anyways, so it is pretty forgiving of size.  There is an option for a full skirt, or a slim skirt if you want less volume.  Mine is somewhere in the middle because I picked the full option, but then somehow managed to cut the band on the bottom too short so I had to trim the skirt down to get it to fit.  (My cursed project I tell ya!)  Then you can pick the skirt length as well depending on how tall or short you are.  Since I am 5'11, I went with the XL length.  This turned out perfect for me, as the front is right about knee length and that is where I like my skirts to hit me.

The pattern for the belt is included, but as I'm looking at these pictures, I think I may have it upside down?  I'm not exactly sure if the curved part is supposed to be going up or down.  It looks like the models in the listings have them going both ways, so maybe you can wear it either way.  What do you think?

I know I've heard some people wondering what the shape of the dress looked like without the belt on, so I thought I'd take a couple pictures to show you.  Like I said before, the skirt is gathered partway before sewing it onto the bodice. Then there is an elastic casing that goes around your waist, minus the front 6 inches or so that gathers the dress as well.  I wasn't a big fan of it on me without a belt, but I love it with a belt.

This pattern is fairly easy, except as I mentioned above, the shoulder pieces were a bit tricky, but it just takes a bit of patience to get it right.   Overall, I think an advanced beginner could tackle it.  Oh, and the the pattern calls for ribbon to used as the back ties, but I didn't have any ribbon that matched.  Instead, I cut two strips of fabric 1" wide and sewed them into a tube before turning them right sides out.

I'm thinking of making another one in a knit to see how that works!