The Thurlow Trousers by Sewaholic Patterns

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Ok ladies - we already know I am a curvy gal... if there is one thing I LOATH shopping for more than any other, it is a good fitting pair of pants.  I have always had wide hips and a bit of 'junk in the trunk', but add the post baby belly and a once difficult task has now become nearly impossible.  And don't even get me started about the rise of pants... why are my only options super low rise and granny panty high rise???

So in creating this series, I was on the hunt for a GREAT pant (I do love the Named skinnies and have them all ready to cut out in fabric, but I only wear skinnies with long tops or tunics, so I still need real pants).  I searched and I searched, and I searched some more.  I found quite a few great designs with style and comfort built in, but I was determined that I could find real pants - and that meant a zip fly, pockets, and NO elastic.

Finally I stumbled upon Sewaholic Patterns.  I love the name, I love the designs, and I LOVE the Thurlow Trousers.  Then as I went to get my hands on them it hit me -they are not a PDF pattern.  I know, I know.... we write about PDF patterns here.... well kinda.  We talk about a new age and industry where small independent designers who care about their clients produce patterns that we can make and be happy with the final result of.  Tasia of Sewaholic is exactly that.  She has a facebook page, a blog with great information/tips/sewalongs, she is easy to get a hold of, and simply the sweetest person imaginable.

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While a paper pattern may not have some of the advantages of PDF's, there are some things I absolutely loved.  First was that I didn't have to print and tape anythings - nada, nothin', zilch, you get the point.  All of the pattern pieces were well labeled with piece number, piece title, grainlines, notches, etc.  I have no problem printing my pdf pattern when I make clothes for my babies - and it doesn't even bother me too much with tops for myself that are cut on the fold.  But when it comes to pants, particularly pants to cover my booty, it takes a lot of paper and time putting it all together.  Plus, getting a pattern in the mail from Sewaholic just means one more piece of fun mail to anticipate, I love fun mail!

Whew, that was a long intro - lets get onto the pants:

Did I mention that I am in love?  

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Details of the Thurlow Trousers:

  • These pants are available in a size 0-16 (I made the 16, I wear a 14-16 in store bought)
  • The pattern includes both pants and shorts options
  • zip fly, welt back pockets, diagonal front pockets, and belt loops
  • instruction booklet with layout diagram, list of pattern pieces, and key step instructions with illustrations.
  • Measurement Chart and Yardage requirements are included

The pants have a medium rise, are fitted through the hips and upper thigh, and then flare slightly falling somewhere between a stove pipe pant and a flare pant.   One of my favorite things is the construction of the girth and waistband - you sew up the back and the very end.  This allows you to try on the pants and get a perfect fit for your waist while still having a clean finish.  It also means that if you were to gain or loose weight, you can easily access that seam and make alterations.  Since I am on a quest to drop a few more pounds, that is just AWESOME!  

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I made these pants out of 2 yards of gorgeous Avocado Twill from Organic Cotton Plus - can I just tell you how awesome it is to know the contents of your fabric, to know there are no strange  chemicals, to know it is GOTS certified!  I won this fabric through a random facebook contest, and am so happy I did - the green wouldn't normally be in my comfort zone, but I love these pants and the color makes me smile. (*Organic Cotton Plus is giving away fabric in our Build a Better Wardrobe Link Up Party - make sure you enter your own creations for a chance tow win!)

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I love when I open up a garment and the inside is as pretty as the outside.  The construction details result in a garment that looks like it came from a high end store.  I will say that I needed to read the welt pocket instructions a couple times to fully 'get' the construction - it is slightly different from how I learned welt pockets.  But the end result is actually simple to construct and results in a perfectly finished pocket.  I'm always a bit nervous about welt pockets on my derriere, but these don't pull or gap and somehow the whole construction makes my back side look good (I just can't say small - I will not lie to you all!).  This is not a starter or beginner pattern.  It is labeled as Intermediate, and that is a true assessment.  


*this accent fabric is the Wallflowers Line from Windham Fabrics

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Sewaholic describes these as the perfect pant for the Pear shaped woman - now I am a mix of the whole fruit bowl, but these pants certainly fit my curvy lower half like a glove.  I will be making more!

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