Judy Pants by Sis Boom

Hello and Happy Saturday!  We have a great pants review for you today - the newly released Judy Pants by Sis Boom Patterns.  These pants have a variety of options including front pockets and a full elastic waistband, or a back only elastic waistband.  

 The Judy Fancy Pants are available in sizes XS to 3XL, and depending on your fabric choices they can be worn as lounge pants, play pants, or work pants.

Check out our reviews by Sarah and Trisha and learn more about this fun and easy pants pattern.... 


Hello everyone! This is Sarah and I am back today with a review of the Judy Fancy Pants by Sis Boom.  How fun is that name?  For that reason alone I wanted to try these pants.  Then add in the bootcut cuteness and I was SO excited when these pants were released.

But here is a confession: I have never made a Sis Boom pattern before.  I know! Crazy, right?  I own one other one but have never found the time to put it together.  So I was even more excited to finally try out these patterns I have heard so much about.

The first thing I noticed about this pattern: Holy 435 pages batman! But before you start squirming in your fancy pants, only 17 pages of that is actual instructions and information. The rest of the pages are the un-nested pattern pieces for size 0 to 26.  The pattern includes a chart to tell you exactly which pages to print our according to the size and options you are going to make and includes a page of information regarding getting the proper measurements and fit for the pants.  I chose to make the more tailored fit, so I sized one size down from my measurements.

Each size is marked with 9 different inseams and each inseam is drawn with its own flare line. What that means is that one size gets the same flare width no matter what length you make the pant, which I think is an awesome feature.  There are also 9 inseam lengths for each size, 28"-36".  I made the 35" inseam, although I may have been able to go an inch shorter.  However, I am distrustful of shrinkage and my pants being too short so I err on the side of long.

The pattern goes together very quickly with a shaded area to overlap and attach.  The pattern is every bit as professional and well written as I have heard about Sis Boom patterns; plenty of detail and lots of tips.  The pattern includes optional back darts, which I included, and has the choice of a fully elasticized or a rear-elastic/front drawstring waist band.

The pants also have a front pocket option that I chose not to include.  I don't really like a lot of bulk in that area and never use pockets, but it is a cute feature for ladies who like a place to stash their phone and cash when they run out of the house.

I made mine out of a lightweight denim; it's a perfect weight for most of the year here in California.  The fit on the pants was really good and true to size; I did only a couple minor tweaks in the rise (which is normal in any pants pattern for me).  All total, from cutting to wearing, took about 90 minutes.  

These pants will be super versatile and easy to wear.  I think my next pair will be a linen type fabric for spring and summer; maybe paired with a cute cardigan?  Sweet!  With the quickness and ease of the pattern, you could make several pairs.  

If you are new to Sis Boom patterns or a seasoned veteran, you will not be disappointed with this pattern.  It is easy, has cute detailing and is very polished and professionally done.  But then, what would you expect from a pattern named Fancy Pants? :)

See you next time!


Hi everyone! It's me again. This time I get to share with you the Judy's Fancy Pants.  If you have ever sewn any Sis Boom patterns, or any of the Scientific Seamstress patterns, you know that there are options.  Some of them are:

  • Two different rise options
  • Inseam lengths for the super short all the way to the mega tall girls.  
  • Fully Elasticized waist, or Elastic in the back and drawstring in the front
  • Pockets or no pockets
  • Darts or no darts
  • Sizes XS(0)-3X(26)

My first pair I made was flannel pj pants for me.  I've had this flannel sitting here for over a year now, and I just haven't gotten around to making them.  I tried the higher rise because I hate bending over and turning into a plumber.  Since I have a smaller waist and a little more junk in my trunk, I made sure I did the darts to help them fit better.  The pockets I decided to forgo, since pockets just tend to add bulk in the area I carry all my weight at.  I figured I don't need to add any more there!  Now, I am a tall girl at 5'11" and store bought pajama pants are usually too short for me.  These have so many different inseam options they will fit any size.  Even if you're 6'4"!

I have to say these pants are super comfortable!  I am used to making simple pants with just hemming the bottom and folding the top over to form a casing, but these have actual facings for the waist and legs.  

I decided after I made the first pair that I wanted a dressier pair to wear everyday.  I did these ones the lower rise option this time to try out.  So far, so good!  No plumbers here.  Per the instructions, I went down a size and I used some mystery fabric I had.  From far away it looks like a denim, but it's not.  It's stretchy like a knit and super soft, but it's a woven that frays.  It has green, blue, and white stripes in it that remind me of a pinstripe fabric.  All I cared about was that it looked nice, but was super soft and stretchy.  I'm all for looking fancy, but being comfortable!  Now when I don't really want to change out of my pajamas, but I have to, I can put these on instead and look like I actually got dressed.

When you open the pattern and it says it's over 400 pages, don't freak out!  These patterns don't have nested sizes, meaning all the sizes are separate, not all grouped together.  There is a nice handy chart in there that tells you exactly which pages you need to print for each size.  If you plan on printing multiple sizes, however, make sure you have plenty of paper!  These took about 20 pages for the one size.  They are very easy to put together though.  I always just print the pages I need and refer to the instructions on my computer or on my phone.

The pants sewed up very quickly.  I think it took me longer to put the pattern together than it did to sew them up.  Although with the darts and the facings it's not as simple as your basic pants.  These, however, fit so much better than a simple pattern and make the few extra minutes totally worth it.  The pattern is definitely easy enough for a beginner.  If you've never sewn pants before, this is a great pattern to start with, and I promise you'll learning something along the way!