Yoga Pants by Jocole Patterns

Ok - today Kara has outdone herself!  She is reviewing the Yoga Pants by Jocole, but made everything she needed for a day at the studio - including the Racer Back Tank from Jocole's Mix n' Match Series and a very cool yoga mat bag - a Free Pattern by Amy Butler!

But lets take a look at these pants - and if you aren't jealous of Kara's awesome comfy, perfectly fitting work out pants, you will be of her yoga moves - WOW!!!!  Take it away....



Jocole Ladies Yoga Pants Review

by Kara Orr

Ready to try yoga?  Well, at least try the Ladies Yoga Pants from Jocole.

Features of the Ladies Yoga Pants:
  • Sizes XS-XXXL
  • Full length, capris length or short length
  • Petite, regular and tall
  • Yardage Guide
  • Page layout directions
  • Finished Measurement Chart
  • Pattern Pieces

There are instructions for both an 8in. and 16in. fold over waistband.  Below is the 8in. waistband on a size small yoga pants.  This waistband is nice because it is short and can still be folded over if I want a lower waistband.  For me, the 8in. waistband hits at just the right spot.

I bought a really nice athletic fabric at JoAnn's and I really love how soft and stretchy it is!  The fabric is also the perfect weight for sewing with knits.  

The pants literally took me less than 30 minutes to sew.  Really, it takes longer to print, tape and cut than it does to sew them.  Be prepared, there are 25 pages to print and tape.  One reason I LOVE Jocole patterns is because of the simplicity to sew but professional outcome.  I love that my friend thought I bought my outfit and couldn't believe it when I told her I made it!  That is always the highest compliment!

The pdf instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  Diagrams go with each step of the project.  I made the pants with my serger and I really like the outcome.  I am always afraid my seams are going to pull and come out, but clearly I was able to move and the seams stayed perfectly.  There are instructions on the website for sewing with knits using a traditional sewing machine if you do not have a serger.  Did I also mention there is a girls pattern as well???  Awesome!

 I also made the Racerback Tank to go with my new yoga pants.  In hindsight, I should have added a blue waistband to my pants to match the tank....oh well.  The Racerback needs to be purchased in the Mix and Match Series which allows you to customize your garment. I love a racerback tank and I especially love this one!  The fit is perfect and the construction was super easy!

Again, I think the results are so professional and I am so pleased with the outcome!  I would not only do yoga in these pants, they are great for working out in general.  The really nice part about my whole outfit.....I wouldn't be ashamed to head straight to the grocery after working out!  

One last project.....  I made my yoga bag (that I have been using for years!) from the free pattern by Amy Butler.  I love this bag and wouldn't be without it.  The bottom portion is actually 2 pockets that I can put my keys and sunglasses in when I am heading into and out of the gym or studio.